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Rose Byrne’s sexy sultry long hairstyle with curls

Rose Byrne wearing a sexy long hairstyle with curls at the 2009 Independent Spirit Awards held in Santa Monica.

Hairstyle: Gorgeous body only in the lengths. Hair is rolled up to ear height on curlers or rolled diagonally with napkins or fabric (tie the ends) dry hair gently, comb out with a wide-toothed comb.

Hair Tips: For more body in your hairstyle blow-dry against the direction of its growth creates volume for long and short hair. Let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer. Bend over, be sure to point the air flow away from the hair roots and use fingers to move hair back and forth opposite to the direction of growth.  Use volume building products like shampoos, sprays, lotions and treatments that add volume surround the hair with a stabilizing film making it stronger and increasing the distance between the individual hairs.

AnnaLynne McCord’s sexy curly hairstyle

AnnaLynne McCord is wearing a curly hairstyle while attending the Blackberry Storm Launch Party with AnnaLynne McCord, Juliette Lewis and Bai Ling – held at Avalon in Hollywood.

Hairstyle: AnnaLynne is wearing her hair in a sexy shoulder length hairstyle with Baroque curls. To get this celebrity hairstyle, spray the naturally wavy, curly or permed hair with a styling lotion, and use a curling iron, one lock as a time secure curls with clips until cold. Use your fingers ONLY to tousle hair.

Color: AnnaLynne’s hair is golden blonde in color. Similar colors to achieve are Golden Blonde, Light Golden Blonde, and Dark Blonde.

Tips and Suggestions for curly hair:
Curly hair turns out the best when it is allowed to dry naturally. Spray damp hair with a moisturizing lotion, bend over and massage with your fingers until it drys. For those that are in a hurry a diffuser can be used as it does less damage to hair versus a traditional blow-dryer after just tousle the hair with fingers.

Emily Deschanel’s classic hairstyle

Emily Deschanel is wearing a classic hairstyle while attending the Fox Winter All Star Party in Hollywood.

Hairstyle : This is a simple 1940′s era classic hairstyle that can work for almost any occasion.

Color: Emily Deschanel’s hair color appears to be a deep solid brunette color that works very well for her skin tone and eye color.

How to get Emily Deschanel’s classic hairstyle
To achieve this celebrity hairstyle, Starting at the temple take one lock and twist it towards the back, adding more locks one at a time as you move backwards. At the back, fold both twists up and fasten. If your going for a not so glamorous look try bobby pins that are coated (to prevent snags) and as close to your hair color as possible. To dress this hairstyle up you can easily do the following: Fasten the back with a decorative barrette and add small subtle but noticeable rhinestone clips throughout, or for any loose strands curl with a small curling iron. Make sure to use a quality holding spray that wont give too much of a stuff look but be able to hold up as long as needed. If you want a more spring type flair adding small floral pieces can also work well.

Rachel Lefevre’s long naturally curly hairstyle

Rachelle Lefevre wearing a long curly hairstyle at the film premiere for ‘Push’ at the Mann Village Theater in Westwood, California.

People with natural curls are lucky, and unlucky as curly hair takes allot of maintenance, but to achieve such beautiful curls without the naturally curly hair is a task all in itself but you can do it by using rollers, curling irons or perms.

Hair Tips: While Rachel Lefevre’s hair is naturally curly you too can achieve a similar effect by a good quality perm.  When perming your hair, stick to the professionals! While there are many kits to do at home this takes time, and expertise that you most likely don’t have when it comes to hair. Bring photos of a type of curl you would like so the stylist can try the best to meet your needs.  Also keep in mind after you receive a perm it is best not to wash for 2-3 days after perming. I cannot stress enough how to NOT use curling irons , rollers, hair brush or blow dryer. These things can stress the curl and cause them quickly to lose their resilience.  Once you have the desired curls whether by perm or rollers you can achieve an array of curly hairstyles that have both a romantic and sexy feel.

Katie Holmes short sexy hairstyle

Katie Holmes wearing a short sexy bob hairstyle for the UK Premiere of “Valkyrie” at the Odeon, Leicester Square, London, UK.

Hairstyle : Katie Holmes is wearing a sexy short bob hairstyle. This hairstyle is great for essentially any occasion. Short hairstyles and bob hairstyles are great for anyone wanting a easy to manage hairstyle that can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. One of the best things about this hairstyle is it can work for any face shape.

Cut and Color: A chin length bob whose sides are all of one length. The top layer is shorter towards the back and is gently layered. Katie Holmes hair color is also a deep brunette in color. Bob hairstyles look very well with a solid color so tread lightly when adding highlights and try for a little bit at a time until you achieve your desired look.

Tips and Tricks: Round brushes are your friend when it comes to styling this type of cut. Flip under or out with a round brush and blow dryer or a ceramic plated flat iron. You can also add many different variances to this hairstyle such as tucking front strands behind the ears or fastening with a decorative clip depending on the occasion.

Goldie Hawn has a bad hair day

Goldie Hawn having a bad hair day at the Orange British Academy Film Awards at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London.

Goldie Hawn is clearly having one bad hair day while attending the Orange British Academy Film Awards in London. This hairstyle really could have shined but is in clear need of repair!. Goldie Hawn is wearing her hair in a blonde layered hairstyle that falls just below the shoulders. Goldie Hawn’s bad hair day follows right through with her fashion as well wearing a too tight at the top black gown (pssst don’t borrow clothes from Kate Hudson anymore!) Goldie Hawn could have easily fixed this hairstyle with her bangs brushed or pinned to the side, or even with her bangs trimmed a little more to keep out of the face. The fly-aways on this hairstyle are also ridiculous and in dire need of some sort of holding spray. It really looks like Goldie Hawn just woke up and headed off to the awards show! A few ideas to correct or to add to this hairstyle: Hairspray, or shine serum to help stave away fly-aways!. Also a trimming of the bangs, or to add to the overall elegance of the occasion and the look she is trying to achieve a nice updo hairstyle would have done wonders as well!

Tiara Marie’s sexy high ponytail hairstyle

Tiara Marie wearing a high ponytail hairstyle while attending the Flaunt Magazine 10th Anniversary Party and Holiday Toy Drive.

Ponytail hairstyles are easy to do and very versatile. This high ponytail hairstyle is a celebrity hairstyle you don’t see too often but when you do is usually done to perfection. Wear this high ponytail hairstyle to many events such as weddings, proms or even a night out with the girls!

Helena Christensen shoulder length wavy hairstyle

Helena Christensen wearing a shoulder length wavy hairstyle while at Bally’s Hollywood Domino Party to benefit Art of Elysium held at Andaz, West Hollywood.

This hairstyle is easy to do and easy to manage, a perfect choice for any face shape. Wear this hairstyle to casual events and occasions.

Debra Messing’s elegant french twist hairstyle

Debra Messing looks amazing with an elegant french twist hairstyle at the 11th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards held at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

Known as the “French Twist” or “French Roll” this hairstyle is one of the most elegant and what many people picture when mentioning wedding hairstyles.

To achieve Debra Messing’s elegant hairstyle
To get this celebrity hairstyle hair must be at least shoulder length, preferably without layers. Hair can be straight or curly, with or without bangs.

Optional: Treat hair evenly with a volumizing mousse or lotion. This is optional but hair is known to be much easier to handle when using.

Step 1. Brush hair up to the crown with your left hand hold hair together approximately one-third up the length.

Step 2. Turn all hair under near the scalp around the middle finger of the right hand.

Step 3. Turn the ends underneath themselves into a roll and then pin securely. Use pins that are coated and similar to your hair color.

Step 4. Pin the roll through the center to your head with a long clip, from top down hold with hair pins.

Finishing touches: For a elegant look like Debra Messing’s elegant hairstyle make sure hair is evenly and tightly done, completely secured in place. Finish with a maximum hold spray. Add hair pieces for decoration if desired.

Sharon Lawrence’s shoulder length layered hairstyle

Sharon Lawrence wearing a shoulder length layered hairstyle while at Leeza Gibbons’Night to Make A Difference Oscar Viewing Party at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, CA.

Hairstyle: This celebrity hairstyle is one of the easiest and most versatile that they come in. Shoulder length hair with layers and lightly razored cuts. Shoulder length hairstyles are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want the commitment of long hair or the drastic change of going very short. What Sharon Lawrence has done here is added layers to a simple run of the mill shoulder length hairstyle to give some flair and texture. overall this hairstyle can be used for just about any occasion, but with the lovely layers you could also try pinning your hair up and either leaving or leaving and curling any pieces to add a more elegant flair.

Color: Sharon Lawrence’s hair color comes from the “red” family of hair colors. Similar colors to achieve are : Light Auburn, Golden Toasted Auburn, Strawberry Blonde, Dark Strawberry Blonde.

Jennifer Aniston’s Academy Awards Hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston opted for a simple hairstyle while attending the 81st Annual Academy Awards.

Jennifer Aniston kept her washed out beachy blonde locks and opted for a simple braid at the hairline for her hairstyle at the 81st Annual Academy Awards. While its obvious this hairstyle took little time it still overall completed her look for the awards show.

Jennifer Aniston is attending an elegant event, so you would think she would have opted for a more glamorous look with her hair other than something that would look better with jeans and a t-shirt. Something her “rival” Angelina Jolie has down pat and Jennifer Aniston could really take some pointers on, or hey even better steal Angelina Jolie’s hair stylist and maybe finally somehow call it even?. Regardless I am very disapointed in this hairstyle and how many times we run into a few celebrity hairstyles at elegant events that are better suited for a event that calls for simple dresses and jeans, than for gowns and tuxes.

Love This Look?
A very easy celebrity hairstyle to achieve you can start dry or just freshly towel dried hair. By using a round brush and blow-dryer create soft subtle waves. Pin back strands from the hairline to braid after you have achieved the waves you desire, then braid those strands and pull back, tuck under ears.

Marion Cotillard’s Academy Awards Hairstyle

Marion Cotillard is wearing her hair in an elegant 60′s inspired hairstyle while attending the 81st Annual Academy Awards.

This hairstyle is great for elegant occasions, weddings and proms!

Maria Menounos long layered hairstyle with highlights

Maria Menounos wearing her hair in a chic long layered hairstyle while at Bally’s Hollywood Domino Party to benefit Art of Elysium held at Andaz, West Hollywood.

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Teri Hatcher’s messy hairstyle

Teri Hatcher is wearing a black with brunette highlights messy hairstyle at the 2009 Independent Spirit Awards held in Santa Monica.

Paris Hilton’s sleek short hairstyle

Paris Hilton, sporting a short sleek hairstyle as she attends “amfAR Rocks” to benefit amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research at The Puck Building.

How to get Paris Hilton’s sleek short hairstyle.
To get this celebrity hairstyle, shampoo hair with a color enhancing shampoo and follow up with a straightening conditioner. Apply a volumizing mousse to the roots and a smoothing cream to the mid-lengths and ends. Start to blow-dry a large section in the front of the hair forward first. Then continue to blow dry the back with a round brush creating a flip at the bottom and volume at the crown. Flat Iron the ends ( ceramic plated flat/straightening irons can be found at many large stores and some drugs stores such as Walgreens, and CVS. You should also be able to find them at any beauty supply store) continue to flat iron the ends smooth with a subtle bend under to create softness. use an outward flick motion on some peices in front of the ear, making sure to guide the iron smoothly to avoid kinks.  Lastly use your favorite hairspray to lock in the hairstyle.

Leona Lewis’s long hairstyle with wave and curls

Leona Lewis wearing a long highlighted hairstyle with thick curls and waves at the 2009 Grammy salute to industry icons, honouring Clive Davis at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, California.

Hairstyles like this are all about the parting. Play with parts to see what works for you, and your face shape.

How to get Leona Lewis’s long hairstyle with thick curls and waves
To get this celebrity hairstyle, start by washing and towel drying your hair. Create an up and back direction to use as a foundation for the first wave. Comb the lighter side of the part back and away from the forehead. Using a medium round boar bristle brush ( a must have for many hairstyles!), start to blow-dry sections the same size of the brush or smaller if your hair is thicker like Leona Lewis.  Allow each section to cool completely while still on the brush. Maintain your original part pattern as you go. After the hair is completely dry, take a half inch curling iron, using one inch square sections of your hair. Using the direction set by the part pattern spray each section with a finishing spray and wrap around the iron, pressing and releasing to ensure each wave is perfectly formed. Separate each wave with a hair polish.

Isla Fisher’s sexy long hairstyle

Isla Fisher is wearing her hair in a long layered sexy hairstyle while attending the UK premiere of ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, London.

Hairstyle: This is very much a sexy, vamp, vixen type of look and oozes sex appeal. Not only that but the hairstyle overall looks gorgeous with her small features.

Color: Isla Fisher’s hair color can be described the best as a Chestnut Blonde or a Golden Bronze.

Want to get Isla Fisher’s sexy long hairstyle?
To achieve this celebrity hairstyle first add styling creme to wet hair to add body and shine to locks. Create a part down the middle (or if you wish to experiment with parting try a side part starting at the top of one eyebrow to the back of the head). Set hair on large Velcro rollers to add extra body. Blow-dry and let sit for 15 to 20 minutes (in a time crunch feel free to try 10 minutes). Brush out each rolled section individually. Use a large round brush to soften and finish with hairspray.

Liz McClarnon’s long straight hairstyle with bangs

Liz McClarnon is wearing her hair in a sexy simple long layered hairstyle with bangs at the UK Premiere of Confessions Of A Shopaholic held at the Empire Leicester Square, London.

What really makes this sexy sleek hairstyle is the razored bangs and ends along with subtle layers and razored throughout.

This hairstyle really gives a sexy look and the bangs look much more modern than the side-swept ones we so often see. To get this sexy hairstyle, mix a dollop of straightening balm with an equal part of smoothing cream between the palms of your hands, then apply it to damp hair. Blow-dry your bangs first using a large round brush. Now divide hair into six sections and clip each section back until you are ready to dry it. Separate each section into 2-inch pieces and blow-dry, pulling the round brush tightly through your hair to straighten. When your hair is dry follow up with a straightening iron to complete the look ( I recommend ceramic plated, easily found in any major store, beauty supply or even most drug store chains like Walgreens and CVS providing they have a hair-care section).

Charlize Theron’s shoulder length hairstyle

Charlize Theron wearing her hair in a chic shoulder length hairstyle.

Charlize Theron has a versatile shoulder length cut. Long and natural looking layers and fine razor cuts are done throughout with some shorter layers on top for volume as well.

To get Charlize Theron’s shoulder length hairstyle:
To achieve this celebrity hairstyle. Apply a leave in conditioner all over to seal the hair.  Use a double boost root lift and work into the base of the crown before blow drying with a round brush for a little volume. Once dry, smooth out the hair with a flat iron (ceramic plated straightening hair irons are available through many stores and outlets even chain drug stores or beauty supply stores. ) Finish smoothing out the ends with the flat iron. To finish add a natural shine serum or spray and distribute all over for added volume and luster.  Your final hair is your bangs or front strands like Charlize Theron and gently tuck them behind your preferred ear or pin them to the side under the hair using a coated bobby pin that closely matches your hair color. If you like to dress it up a little add a decorative hair piece to hold the front bangs and strands in place.

Annalynne McCord’s sexy hairstyle

Annalynne McCord is wearing a sexy shoulder length hairstyle with curls while attending The Creative Coalition host ‘Fashion Votes’, a celebration of fashion and politics at the Nanette Lepore Boutique on the fashionable Melrose Place in Los Angeles, California.

Hairstyle: Annalynne McCord really showcases her vixen side by wearing her waves in soft full curls. First off start by using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Then follow up with a spritz or two of volumizing spray at the roots and a smoothing styling cream combed through damp locks. Divide your strands into 6 sections, make sure to use a clip to secure each. Unclip the first section and using a round brush dry with your hair dryer. When your hair is totally dry use a set of large hot rollers and roll two inch sections making big curls around your entire head. Make sure to allow the rollers to cool completely before removing As you are releasing each curl spritz it with for a hold that is still touchable (think light to medium hold). Use your fingers to to lightly comb back the sides to give some extra height at the crown, then finish with a medium hold hairspray to keep locks in place.