Amy Winehouse’s train wreck bad hair day

November 18, 2008  |  Amy Winehouse Hairstyles, Bad Hair Day

Amy Winehouse’s train wreck bad hair day

OK first off “back in the day” (or was that last year? ) Amy Winehouse had one cool beehive hairstyle going on for her “signature” hairstyle. Now just like her life its an absolute train wreck. Just last week we had a peek on Celeb Salon of her “real” hair which is short and curly. Then she goes and tries this, *note to Amy Winehouse* when doing your hair its really OK to set that crack pipe or whatever your choice is for the hour down, to do your hair correctly! You can even make out the netting that makes the “beehive” at the top since she didn’t even cover it correctly!

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  1. looks like Prince with an Elvira wig

  2. Oh, Come on this is not
    a bad hair day!
    This is a a dying drug addict
    This young woman
    need help before she end up dead
    from drugs:(

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  4. Dude, you you are like Shakespear. Your text is really great. You should do it for a living

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