Kate Bosworth’s too tight hairstyle

Flashing back to a Lord Of The Rings movie…… Kate Bosworth is wearing her hair in a very tight pulled back hairstyle while attending The Art of Elysium 2nd Annual Black Tie Charity Gala “Heaven” held at The Vibiana Los Angeles, California.

This hairstyle is extremely tight and is just all wrong for Kate Bosworth. Make a note.. When your ears are pointy, and stick out.. A tight hairstyle making them stick out even more is a NO NO NO!!. A loose pulled back hairstyle, loose ponytail hairstyle, half up half down hairstyle, long hairstyle or just about any NON-TIGHT hairstyle would look soo much better! Not only that but it would have the people who turned back thinking they came to a Star Trek convention on accident, coming back to enjoy the gorgeous gala! Again repeat after me.. Elf Ears, Ears that belong on Spock, or fairy ears do not need a tight hairstyle! Next time she should just pin those things back!

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