Amy Brenneman’s elegant hairstyle


Amy Brenneman wearing a elegant loose chignon hairstyle while attending the Historic Health Summit Gala, held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.

Hairstyle: Elegant loose chignon hairstyle. The key to this hairstyle is that Amy Brenneman has very thick hair also.

Color: Brown, Ash brown, Dark Ash brown, Dark Auburn, Brown/Black

When to wear this celebrity hairstyle:
Wear this chignon hairstyle as a wedding hairstyle, prom hairstyle or whenever any elegant occasion arises. This hairstyle being a classic can go well with just about any attire!

Tips on achieving this celebrity hairstyle:
There are a few ways you can go about this hairstyle: #1 Use hot rollers to add luscious curls all around and then fashion loosely into a chignon knot. #2 Use a curling iron to add ringlets on the sides, and then loosely fashion into a chignon and curl any loose strands. hen you have thick hair it can be very time consuming to curl. Try using over-night softer versions of rollers that form curls by either rolling damp hair overnight or using a blow dryer to set the curls . This is a method I use when curling my very thick hair as I find the curls also last longer. Remember loose is key, however you can play with this hairstyle to tighten, loosen or change the place of the knot to make the hairstyle you desire.

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