Bernadette Peters curly hairstyle

Bernadette Peters curly hairstyle

Bernadette Peters showing off her gorgeous curly hairstyle while attending the 11th Annual Broadway Barks Adopt-a-thon in Shubert Alley, New York City.

Hairstyle: Curly that falls just at/barely below the shoulders

Color: Auburn, Irish Red, Light Auburn

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle
Bernadette Peters has sported a full head of curly hair for years. If you love this hairstyle print it out and take it to your nearest quality salon for a perm! Home perms leave too much room for errors and it is best to have a professional do it as they can help lessen any mishaps from doing it yourself (like leaving the perm on too long).

Tips for curly hair!
After completely rinsing shampoo out of your hair, apply a generous amount of conditioner into  your hands. Start at the middle of your hair (avoid the roots as it can make your head greasy) and work your way down to the ends. Comb conditioner completely through the hair, coat ends generously. Apply an additional helping of conditioner to the hair’s ends, as they are the most dry and porous. wait 5 minutes. Rinse well. I also recommend using a product found in most hair care sections called “Cholesterol” applying generously once a week and then topping with a plastic wrap/bag and a hot towel fresh out of the dryer, gives your hair extreme conditioning which will help hydrate your hair wonderfully!