Courtney Love’s blonde, wavy hairstyle


Rocker Courtney Love showed off a pretty, blonde hairstyle at the New Yorkers for Children 2010 Fall Gala in New York City. With her wispy bangs and beachy waves, Courtney Love created a flattering hairstyle that fell just past her shoulders.

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Courtney Love’s messy, blonde hairstyle


Rocker Courtney Love is known for her messy style and she did not disappoint at the Orange Warsaw Festival in Poland. Courtney Love wore her blonde, shoulder-length hair in its usual disheveled fashion complete with tousled bangs.

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Courtney Love’s shoulder length hairstyle with bangs

Courtney Love's shoulder length hairstyle with bangs

Courtney Love wearing a shoulder length hairstyle with bangs while attending the Givenchy honors Artist Marina Abramovic in New York.. This hairstyle while simple and very easy to do, just looks amazing on a very cleaned up Courtney Love. The hairstyle has slight layers and falls at the shoulders and then is curled inwards to complete the look! Wear this hairstyle to many occasions, its just so versatile it is perfect for anyone wanting a easy hairstyle to achieve and a easy cut to maintain without the restrictions of short hair or the high maintenance of much longer locks.

Top 10 Celebrity Bad Hair Days of 2009!

Whether they stuck their finger in a light socket, their stylist won the lotto and decided to go out with a bang, or maybe they just plain don’t know how to do their own hair! Whatever the excuse is, here are the Top 10 Celebrity Bad Hair Days of 2009!


Madonna clearly having a bad hair and fashion day while attending “The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion” Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC.

Lady Gaga's bad hair day

Lady Gaga having a bad hair (or wig!) day while visiting London’s trendy Soho.

Sandra Bullock's messy updo hairstyle

Sandra Bullock wearing a messy updo hairstyle while attending the World premiere for “All About Steve” held at the Mann Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California.

rachel-weisz-bad-hair-day-09Rachel Weisz is clearly having a bad hair day while attending Film Independent’s 2009 Spirit Awards, Santa Monica Beach, Santa Monica, California.

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Courtney Love’s bad hair day

Bad Hair Day for 2009! Courtney Love is here in Malibu California shopping with not only a very trashy ensemble but her hair is atrocious! I would personally love to introduce Courtney Love to this awesome invention called a BRUSH. Then I would love to teach her not only how to use it but also show her how to really accessorize with her outfits even if they lack creativity and belong on a bag lady. No this is no homeless lady folks…. Its Courtney Love! and such a disappointment as she has many many bad hair days! I really think she should be on the top of the list with Amy Winehouse on celebrity bad hair days! I know Courtney love can really show off a beautiful side to her and her hair! I can only hope her daughter had someone else to teach her how to do her hair and clothes!