Debra Messing’s firey hairstyle

Debra Messing

Debra Messing wore her firey red locks in voluminous barrel curls for an appearance on Good Afternoon America in New York City yesterday.

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Debra Messing’s sleek, auburn ponytail


Debra Messing stepped out to see the fashions at the Michael Kors show and showed off her own glamorous style. During New York Fashion Week, Debra Messing wowed with her signature, deep red locks pulled back into a smooth and sleek ponytail. 

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Top 10 Red Hairstyles of 2010

When it came to color in 2010, celebs were ravishing in red. Red hair never goes out of style and celebs shined in their fabulously colored locks all year long. Whether sporting a light, strawberry color or flame-red tresses, these celebs stole the show at every event with their super stylish, sexy hairdos. Check out the Top 10 Red Hairstyles of 2010!

10. Joanna Garcia
Joanna Garcia dazzled with her flowing, auburn-colored mane in this wavy style at the 20th Annual Environmental Media Awards in Los Angeles.

9. Emma Roberts
Taking after her famous red-haired Aunt Julia Roberts, young actress Emma Roberts wowed with her dark red locks pulled back into an elegant, classic bun during the 8th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party in Los Angeles.

8. Debra Messing
Debra Messing showed off her sleek, sexy look with her famous red hair cut into long layers when she attended the 2010 Joyful Heart Foundation Gala at Skylight Studios in New York City.

7. Amanda Righetti
The Mentalist star Amanda Righetti looked gorgeous with her deep red hair styled in a side-swept chignon for the 8th Annual BAFTA/LA TV Tea Party in Los Angeles.

6. Marcia Cross
The famous redhead of Desperate Housewives fame, Marcia Cross, modeled her bright red tresses in a long layered, wavy hairdo when she arrived for the 2010 Stand Up to Cancer Benefit in Culver City.

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Debra Messing’s sleek and sexy layered hairstyle

Debra Messing's sleek and sexy layered hairstyle

Debra Messing wearing a sleek and sexy , long layered hairstyle while attending the 2010 Joyful Heart Foundation Gala at Skylight Studios in NYC. One thing that is great about this hairstyle and I want to touch base on is her layers. Layers area great addition and change to your run-of-the-mill straight hairstyles. Layers can be added to just about any length of hair, from subtle to dramatic. Now having long layered hair myself I attempted this hairstyle using the following : Ceramic Plated Flat Iron, Shine spray (your choice of brand) and a firm but flexible hold spray (your preferred brand). I lightly spritzed my hair to to help the straightening along, overall it took me 20 minutes to achieve this hairstyle!  Wear this long layered sexy straight hairstyle to events such as weddings, proms, dinners, galas and any special event along with more casual ones as well. One of the best things about this celebrity hairstyle is that you have such versatility you just can’t go wrong!.

Top 10 Red Celebrity Hairstyles of 2009!

Auburn, Irish Red, Carrot, whatever your shade of red is the color is often associated with sassy, loud, sexy, sultry,fun and funky.You can either make the color work for you or against you which these celebrities obviously know! Check out our Top 10 Red Celebrity Hairstyles of 2009 picks!

Nicole Kidman's long sleek side swept hairstyle at the 2009 American Music Awards

Nicole Kidman wearing a long straight sexy side swept  hairstyle while attending the 2009 American Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Rumer Willis's long auburn hairstyle

Rumer Willis wearing a long sexy auburn hairsyle while attending Foxtel hosted dinner, Sydney, Australia

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Debra Messing’s elegant hairstyle at the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Debra Messing's elegant hairstyle at the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Debra Messing is wearing a elegant hairstyle while attending the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Hairstyle: Elegant hairstyle ( Ponytail) with bangs sculpted to the side

Color: Auburn, Dark Auburn, Light Auburn, Red

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:
Another great Emmy hairstyle, beautiful and elegant plus easy to do!
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Debra Messing’s long red hairstyle

debra-messing-long-red-hairstyle-09Debra Messing wearing a sexy long red hairstyle while attending the ‘Whatever Works’ world premiere, celebrating the opening night of The Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

Debra Messing’s elegant french twist hairstyle

Debra Messing looks amazing with an elegant french twist hairstyle at the 11th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards held at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

Known as the “French Twist” or “French Roll” this hairstyle is one of the most elegant and what many people picture when mentioning wedding hairstyles.

To achieve Debra Messing’s elegant hairstyle
To get this celebrity hairstyle hair must be at least shoulder length, preferably without layers. Hair can be straight or curly, with or without bangs.

Optional: Treat hair evenly with a volumizing mousse or lotion. This is optional but hair is known to be much easier to handle when using.

Step 1. Brush hair up to the crown with your left hand hold hair together approximately one-third up the length.

Step 2. Turn all hair under near the scalp around the middle finger of the right hand.

Step 3. Turn the ends underneath themselves into a roll and then pin securely. Use pins that are coated and similar to your hair color.

Step 4. Pin the roll through the center to your head with a long clip, from top down hold with hair pins.

Finishing touches: For a elegant look like Debra Messing’s elegant hairstyle make sure hair is evenly and tightly done, completely secured in place. Finish with a maximum hold spray. Add hair pieces for decoration if desired.

Debra Messing’s long auburn hairstyle

Debra Messing is wearing her hair in a long simple auburn hairstyle while at the 20th Annual Producers Guild Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA.

Similar Hair Color’s to achieve like Debra Messing:  Chestnut, Auburn, Medium Irish Red and Flame Red

The long hair style works out for any occasions. It goes well in a prom dance, it goes well for pageants and it is also a favorite of the weddings. Weddings have special long hair styles that are meant just for the occasion. Long hairstyles take a while to grow, so if you haven’t got the patience and time, try extensions.

Try different high quality products recommended by your hair stylist to keep your hair healthy

The long layered hairstyles can be achieved with minor differences in the knocks. Both the hairstyles give cute as well as elegant look for any special occasion. This is an easy way to updo the long hairstyle is a simple pony tail with a French twist. This hairstyle gives a classic and exotic look that can be achieved in just a few seconds.

When choosing a hairstyle one should always consider whether or not the hair style will suit your face shape. Many woman change their hair styles according to latest fashion trends while others maintain their same old styles as every individual has unique face cut, hair type and hair color. You can change your hairstyle according to the occasion.

Try a middle, side or a zig zag part, and you will surprised at how much your appearance can change.

Long hair is fragile and needs intensive conditioning and caring. The length should be trimmed regularly and the hair brushed each day using a pure, bristle brush. The bristles literally polish the hair gently spreading the natural oils from roots to ends. Combs should he wide toothed, smooth ended and of a high quality.

Try something new with your long hair once in a while, beautiful updos, multiple pony tails, etc.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a Long hair style. Long hair cut should match your personality, career, lifestyle, time constraints, body shape, face shape, hair texture, hair density, eye color, and skin tone. Just as you would with your regular hair, with this type of long hair style, you can wear your hair up or down, whichever you prefer.

Treat your hair like a guy treats his car, take it to the salon once in a while and use quality products

For long hairstyles, the sleek look starts at top and goes all the way to the ends. In order to maintain the health and beauty of your long hair it is best to look for a stylist who knows how to handle long hair. You should select long hairstyles that best adapt to your face shape. You can make your hair different everyday thus making the long hairstyle look fresh and stylish.

Debra Messing’s elegant loose low ponytail hairstyle

Debra Messing looks gorgeous in this elegant loose low ponytail hairstyle while attending the premiere of her latest movie ‘Nothing Like The Holidays’.

Hairstyle and Color : This is another version of the ever versatile ponytail hairstyle. Debra messing has managed to give this loose low ponytail hairstyle a very elegant feel while paired with her off the shoulder gown at the premiere of “Nothing Like The Holidays”. This hairstyle is perfect for the occasion and her hairstyle works very well with her facial features. While Debra Messing’s hair is loosely pulled back, leaving the top much looser and with slightly more volume. The ponytail is the fashioned low at the nape of her neck with a thick strand pinned around the base of the ponytail. A must when using hair pins of any type is to make sure the ends are coated as to not damage or snag hair and to also find a color as close to your hair color as possible to eliminate any obvious signs. Debra Messings hair color is a beautiful auburn shade and works wonderfully for her light skin tone. I could not imagine this beautiful actress with any other color as this suits her so well!. Similar colors to achieve : Dark Auburn, Flame Red, Medium Auburn, Chestnut and medium Irish Red.This hairstyle is great for any occasion such as weddings, proms or even just out and about!

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Debra Messing’s long wavy 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards hairstyle

Debra Messing’s long wavy 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards hairstyle

Debra Messing at the 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards wearing her long layered auburn hair in a sexy wavy hairstyle. This hairstyle never gets old and continuously looks drop dead gorgeous on this deep auburn haired beauty. This is a hairstyle that never gets old, long wavy layered and left to fall just right. Debra Messing’s hair also looks very healthy which is always key at events, the ones who have something to hide show it as far as badly damaged and over-styled hair versus the ones who really go out of thier way to take care of thier beautiful locks and really take these occasions to work it.

Debra Messing’s high updo hairstyle

Debra Messing’s high updo hairstyle

Debra Messing wearing her gorgeous auburn hair in a elegant high updo hairstyle while attending The Los Angeles Premiere of Picturehouse’s ‘The Women’ Held at The Mann Village Theater in Westwood, CA

Debra Messing’s sleek sexy style

Debra Messing’s sleek sexy style

Debra Messing looks great in this sleek and sexy hairstyle. This hairstyle is great, easy maintenance and very versatile the color really compliments her skin tone and the curls make this style sexy.

Debra Messing’s long wavy hairstyle


Debra Messing’s long wavy hairstyle

The fair skinned and auburn hair colored goddess Debra Messing works her hair like no other! Pay note to the colors and the waves, making this style great with her skin tone and giving her a down but dressy style for this occasion. This photo was taken at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2005. Similar hair colors to achieve are Copper Red with Strawberry Blonde highlights, Fire Red with Auburn highlights or Dark Copper Red with Dark Brown Highlights.

Debra Messing’s curly high updo hairstyle

Debra Messing is sporting a curly high updo hairstyle in 2004 at the “Along Came Polly” premiere. This hairstyle is crazy the curls so tight! much difference from the hairstyles Debra Messing shows off today. With tight curls, this hairstyle is the way to go for any elegant or special occasion.

Debra Messing’s curly high updo hairstyle

Debra Messing’s dark wavy auburn hairstyle at USA Networks 2008 Los Angeles Upfront Event

Debra Messing looks sexy in this dark wavy auburn hairstyle at the USA Networks 2008 Los Angeles Upfront Event held in Los Angeles California. Her hair has been given some large romantic waves and her hair is parted to the right giving a very sleek and sexy style for this event.

Debra Messing’s dark wavy auburn hairstyle

Debra Messing’s auburn updo hairstyle at the Primetime Emmy Awards

Debra Messing is wearing a very elegant updo hairstyle with bangs at the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Debra Messing’s auburn updo hairstyle at the Primetime Emmy Awards

Debra Messing Auburn and Messy Hairstyle at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

Debra is wearing a auburn and over teased hairstyle at the SAG Awards.

Debra Messing Auburn and Messy Hairstyle at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

Debra Messing Bright Auburn Hairstyle at the Primetime Emmy Awards

Debra Messing is showing off her pale skin tone and beautiful hair with this hairstyle, her layered straight hair parted in the middle with bright auburn hair really accents her light skin tone pulling one side behind her ear to show off her long elegant earrings.

Debra Messing is showing off her pale skin tone and beautiful hair with this hairstyle, her layered straight hair parted in the middle with bright auburn hair

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