Ginnifer Goodwin’s messy, short hairstyle

Ginnifer Goodwin modeled her short and sassy hairstyle during the 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar party at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood. Changing up her pixie for Hollywood’s biggest night, Ginnifer Goodwin rocked a messy, disheveled style that gave her a modern, edgy ’do to pair with her red-and-black, lacy dress.

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Ginnifer Goodwin’s punk-rock pixie

At the 13th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards in Beverly Hills, Ginnifer Goodwin demonstrated yet another way to wear her cropped pixie hairstyle. Ginnifer Goodwin changes up her short ‘do frequently and showed off a new rocker-chic style with undercut sides.

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Ginnifer Goodwin’s short, messy hairstyle

Big Love star Ginnifer Goodwin changed up her brunette, pixie hairstyle when she arrived for the season premiere party of Big Love in Los Angeles. Ginnifer Goodwin added a modern, edgy vibe with her messy, short ‘do which she paired with a feminine, pink frock.

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Top 10 Short Hairstyles of 2010

In 2010, short hairstyles took Hollywood by storm as young actresses made themselves over with cropped cuts. Did you hear about Emma Watson’s new pixie ‘do? Thought so! Celebs around the world made headlines by lopping off their locks in 2010. Take a look at the Top 10 Short Hairstyles of 2010!

10. Carey Mulligan
British actress Carey Mulligan has been sporting a pixie ‘do for years now but has been showing off slightly longer locks of late as seen in this sassy, blonde layered style at the Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps premiere in New York City.

9. Amber Rose
Amber Rose wins a spot on the top ten for sheer confidence while wearing this ultra-cropped and cool hairstyle at the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles.

8. Jennifer Nettles
Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles won raves for her sexy, messy short hairstyle at the 44th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville.

7. Ashlee Simpson
In 2010, Ashlee Simpson chopped off her super long locks to debut this sleek, chic style which she modeled at the Runaway premiere in Los Angeles.

6. Pink
At the 2010 American Music Awards in Los Angeles, Pink wowed with her cool cropped ‘do in this silver hue.

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Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie hairstyle

At MOCA’s Annual Gala in Los Angeles, Ginnifer Goodwin wowed with her trendy, pixie cut. Big Love star Ginnifer Goodwin wore her short, brunette ‘do with wispy layers brushed across her forehead that showcased her flawless complexion.

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Ginnifer Goodwin’s polished, pixie hairstyle

For the 6th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards held at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Big Love star Ginnifer Goodwin dazzled with her super trendy pixie hairstyle. Ginnifer Goodwin, who has been wearing the cropped style for awhile now, changed up her short ‘do with a soft sweep of wispy bangs.

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Ginnifer Goodwin’s short cropped hairstyle!

Ginnifer Goodwin's short cropped hairstyle!

Ginnifer Goodwin wearing a short cropped (or some can call it a pixie type cut) hairstyle while attending the 24th Annual Genesis Awards presented by The Hollywood office of The Humane Society of the United States. Held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel

Top 10 Short Celebrity Hairstyles of 2009

Short hairstyles have become increasingly popular with celebrities with a variety of choices enjoy our Top 10 Short Celebrity Hairstyles of 2009.

Katherine McPhee's sexy sleek short hairstyle

Katharine McPhee wearing a short sleek blonde hairstyle while attending the 37th International Emmy Awards, held in the New York Hilton Hotel, NYC.

Victoria Beckham's short sassy hairstyle

Victoria Beckham wearing a short sassy hairstyle while attending the David Beckham And James Bond Adidas Originals Launch Party held at the Adidas Store on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, CA on September 30, 2009.

Diablo Cody's short chic hairstyle

Diablo Cody wearing a short blonde hairstyle while attending Nylon Magazine present their TV issue hosted by Covergirl and ‘True Blood’ star Anna Paquin. Held at Skybar in West Hollywood, CA.

Rachel McAdams short chic hairstyle

Rachel McAdams wearing a short chic layered hairstyle while attending the San Diego Comic Con in California,


Halle Berry wearing a short chic hairstyle while attending the Guys Choice Awards held at Sony Studios in Culver City, CA.

Katie Holmes is wearing a sleek short hairstyle as she hosts the Independent Filmmaker Project event at Cooper Square Hotel in New York City.

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Ginnifer Goodwin’s short elegant hairstyle

Ginnifer Goodwin wearing her hair in a short elegant hairstyle at the Metropolitan Opera’s 125th Anniversary Gala at the Metropolitan Opera House in Lincoln Center.

Ginnifer Goodwin’s short razor edged bob hairstyle

Ginnifer Goodwin wearing a short razor edged bob hairstyle at the 50th Anniversary of Barbie held at the Barbie Real Life Malibu Dream House, California.

Hairstyle: Short, almost bob like but falling below the chin line and just above the shoulders with razored edging for a more edgier chic look.

Color: Dark Brown, similar colors to achieve are : Dark Ash Brown, Brown Black, Ash brown, Light Ash brown, Chocolate brown.

When to wear this celebrity hairstyle:
Short and sexy but almost to the shoulders this more modern version of a bob hairstyle has a chic flair to it, razored edges add a more modern twist without going as short as Katie Holmes or Victoria Beckham giving Ginnifer Goodwin’s short hairstyle a very sleek sexy, chic feel without having to commit to shorter locks. Wear this hairstyle to both casual and more elegant occasions as the versatility is almost endless whether in a pair of sexy jeans or a cocktail dress this hairstyle can work for just about anyone. Celebrities such as Mandy Moore, Charlize Theron, and Eva Longoria have their own similar versions of this popular chic hairstyle.Have a similar cut but want it to look as sleek and shiny? Use a ceramic plated flat iron and shine serum to achieve this effect!

Ginnifer Goodwin’s long sexy side swept hairstyle

Ginnifer Goodwin is wearing her hair in a sexy side swept hairstyle while attending the premiere “He’s Just Not That Into You”.

I love this hairstyle because its simple yet very sexy! This hairstyle can simply be done by curling, or even overnight braiding, using your favorite hair care product for hold, work your fingers through and flip to the side its that simple!

Long hairstyles are usually allot more difficult to create and to maintain which makes them even more beautiful to see them! Long hairstyles can be messy, sleek, curly, wavy and relaxed. long hairstyles and long hair require allot of maintenance and care to achieve healthy looking hair. !

Below are some tips on maintaining healthy looking hair to achieve the optimal look!

Satin Pillowcase – as simple as this may seem or as odd it actually helps reduce tangles while you are sleeping!

Diet – Diet is everything specially to your hair, eat fruits, vegetables and take vitamins which will help your hair grow healthy and strong (and we thought our parents were just nagging!).

Washing – You don’t need to wash daily, matter of fact hair can be easier to style when it hasn’t been washed for a day or two!

Ginnifer Goodwin’s half up half down brunette hairstyle

Ginnifer Goodwin is sporting a half up half down wavy brunette hairstyle while attending the 2008 Women In Film Crystal and Lucy Awards ‘A Black and White Gala’. This hairstyle is very versatile, Ginnifer Goodwins beautiful locks are loosely curled giving a gorgeous wavy effect the dark brunette color with auburn tones look perfect on her! 

Ginnifer Goodwin’s half up half down brunette hairstyle

Ginnifer Goodwin’s wavy brunette hairstyle at Prada Los Angeles Hosts VIP Screening for “Trembled Blossoms”

Ginnifer has her gorgeous brunette locks in a simple wavy hairstyle that shines for any occasion.

Ginnifer Goodwin’s wavy brunette hairstyle at Prada Los Angeles Hosts VIP Screening for “Trembled Blossoms”

Her hair is parted in the front and wavy starting a few inches away from her scalp she has seductively put the left front locks of her hair behind her ear to show off her earrings a very classy touch and a great hairstyle that works well for her round facial features.