Paris Hilton’s long lovely curls hairstyle + How To Video for Long Curly Hair!

Paris Hilton's long lovely curls hairstyle + How To Video for Long Curly Hair!

Paris Hilton wearing a long beautiful curly hairstyle while she shows off her sunglasses collection at the Las Vegas Convention Center, NV.

Hairstyle: Long, beautiful with thick luscious curls

Color: Blonde, Pale Golde Blonde, Platinum Blonde

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:

When you have very long hair and use parting to perfection, adding long luscious curls is almost a staple especially as a rather easy hairstyle besides the ponytail that is! Check out the video below that I came across that has some awesome pointers for those with long hair and wanting to curl. There are of course many ways to curl your hair and give beautiful healthy and luscius looking curls with old fashioned curling irons, even flat irons, Plus there is a new product that I have seen with amazing lookingt results called the “In Styler” if curls are you thing I highly suggest finding quality products to help achieve beautiful healthy looking curls and sexy, chic and elegant hairstyles with ease!

Paris Hilton's long lovely curls hairstyle + How To Video for Long Curly Hair!

Eva Longoria Parker’s loose low ponytail hairstyle

Eva Longoria Parker's loose low ponytail hairstyle

Eva Longoria Parker is wearing her hair in a loose low ponytail hairstyle while attending the 2009 ALMA Awards Press Conference in Los Angeles, California.

Hairstyle: low loose ponytail hairstyle

Color: Brown, Golden Brown, Light Ash brown, Ash Brown

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:
Loose Low ponytail hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular with many celebrities! The wonderful thing about this hairstyle is not only its versatility when it comes to events and occasions, but also it can be fashioned with many hair lengths as well.

You can achieve this hairstyle with these simple steps!

*** This hairstyle is best achieved on hair of one length (not including bangs) layered hair may leave loose strands about***

You will need: One ponytail holder, hair clip or hair accessory of your choice. Light shine spray, Light holding spray

Dry Hair, You will start by parting down the middle and brushing /combing out any kinks!

As your hair is laying straight on each side you will loosely gather the hair at the nape of the neck!

Use your preferred hair accessory to fasten. If you have any strays or want more hold try using coated bobby pins similar to your hair color.

Lastly top lightly with shine spray (or if you prefer serum add before styling hair) and light hold spray!

For those with longer locks, try flipping the ponytail under and fastening for a elegant look!

Eva Longoria Parker's loose low ponytail hairstyle

Emily Deschanel’s classic hairstyle

Emily Deschanel is wearing a classic hairstyle while attending the Fox Winter All Star Party in Hollywood.

Hairstyle : This is a simple 1940′s era classic hairstyle that can work for almost any occasion.

Color: Emily Deschanel’s hair color appears to be a deep solid brunette color that works very well for her skin tone and eye color.

How to get Emily Deschanel’s classic hairstyle
To achieve this celebrity hairstyle, Starting at the temple take one lock and twist it towards the back, adding more locks one at a time as you move backwards. At the back, fold both twists up and fasten. If your going for a not so glamorous look try bobby pins that are coated (to prevent snags) and as close to your hair color as possible. To dress this hairstyle up you can easily do the following: Fasten the back with a decorative barrette and add small subtle but noticeable rhinestone clips throughout, or for any loose strands curl with a small curling iron. Make sure to use a quality holding spray that wont give too much of a stuff look but be able to hold up as long as needed. If you want a more spring type flair adding small floral pieces can also work well.

How to Hairstyles! How to fashion step by step a Ponytail Hairstyle

Wear a ponytail hairstyle like the celebrities love to! Ponytail hairstyles are versatile and can work for almost any occasion!

1. Comb your hair and make sure to remove any tangles;

2. Add small amount of styling mousse or pomade to dried hair;

3. Style the front of your hair;

4. Part your hair where desired;

5. Pull a rubber band around the wrist of your lead or brush hand;

6. Brush hair into your free hand, letting the tail hang parallel to your spine;

7. Collect the hair you want to include between the L made by your thumb and palm;

8. Set the brush down, then tighten the grip on your
gathered hair;

9. Transfer the ponytail into your lead hand;

10. Your palm should face the back of your head, with your fingers and thumb facing down and your elbow facing up;

11. Let your hair form a cord in the tunnel of your grip;

12. Hook the rubber band with your free index finger and stretch it down;

13. Pull your ponytail through the band, keeping a soft grip;

14. Keep the rubber band tense as you insert your other fingers and thumb into the band and twist it around the base of your ponytail;

15. Press your pinky against the point where the rubber band crosses and make a wide circle;

16. Grab your ponytail and pull it through the rubber band;

17. Repeat steps from 12 to 15 until the rubber band fits snug:

18. Take a small section of the tail and wrap it twice – once for short hair – around the rubber band;

19. Secure it by inserting it into a strap of the band;

20. Use an extra dab of gel or anti-frizz serum on the twisting section for greater control.

If the band sits too low, take half of the ponytail in each hand and pull gently just under the rubber band. The ends should be parallel to your shoulders as you pull.

The hair leading into the ponytail should lay flat and smooth don’t pull too tight.

Do not make your ponytail too tight. Your hair could fall out if you do and can also cause discomfort.

Use high-quality, coated rubber bands NEVER rubber bands that can break your hair. You may apply a little conditioner around the inside of the coated elastic.

Go gently when making a ponytail. Shift the placement of ponytail from day to day.

Aishwarya Rai’s sexy ponytail hairstyle

I love this sleek ponytail hairstyle on Aishwarya Rai. its fun, flirty yet sleek and sexy. Did I mention this hairstyle is super easy to do and can go with anything? YES THATS RIGHT! Ponytail hairstyles are so versatile its amazing what you can wear them for as far as events and occasions go! As a favorite celebrity hairstyle you see ponytail hairstyles worn by actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes, Drew Barrymore and many many more!

How to get  a great sleek sexy ponytail hairstyle like Aishwarya Rai!
Step 1: Blowdry hair straight. (Wet ponies are not as appealing by any means and by far are not remotely sexy!). If you have wave in your hair, straighten hair completely with a flat-iron.
Step 2: Brush hair back into a ponytail. Secure with elastic.
Step 3: Tame flyaways with a spritz hairspray on your hairline.
Step 4: For added polish, run a shine serum I love Garnier Nutrisse’s shine serum they have available in a little round pump bottle Its a staple in our home and smells great too! Don’t add too much you don’t want your hair to look greasy but a small amount in your palm, rub your hands together and then sleek it over your hair!

Headband How to – Create a Sexy, Simple Hairstyle With Headbands

January 29, 2009  |  How To Hairstyles  |  2 Comments

The headband is one simple hair accessory that offers women an easy, foolproof way to create a look that’s both fresh and pretty; simply toss one on and you can look instantly pulled together without coming off as fussy or overly formal. Throwing on a headband is such an easy way to deal with a bad (and/or lazy) hair day, and a great alternative to your average ponytail. And if you throw on a sparkly headband, then suddenly you look a little dressed up. It’s easier and, arguable, sexier than the standard updo. Try wearing a headband at night, coupled with a sexy smoky eye, or you can throw on a thin sparkly band during the day with your favorite tee or tank. Who doesn’t love a little shot of glamour juxtaposed with a casual outfit?

Headbands are also incredibly affordable; considering their low cost, you can pick up two or even three in order to give yourself some choices when attempting this look. Wear them one at a time, or pair them up for some extra fun. How do you make the headband really look fresh? The trick is to make sure you have plenty of messy volume in the hair behind the band. Follow these three simple steps to create this sexy style:

1. Flip your head over, in order to create volume and allow access to the roots of your hair.

2. Tease away – apply some volumizing cream or spray to the roots for extra hold and body.

3. Finally, pull your hair back; if your hair is short, just twist and pin your locks, and if your hair is long, pin into a messy bun. Slide on your headband to smooth the front down, and voila! You’re ready to go. What could be easier? Check out our site for more beauty tips!

Kyra Sedgwick’s Golden Globe Hairstyle

Stylist Robert Vetica gives us the dish on how to create this classic sexy hairstyle!

Kyra Sedgwick’s look was reminiscent of Rita Hayworth, but more delicate
and loosely curled. He then pulled it back to show off her face with
cascading hair when she turned.  He wanted the hair down but still elegant,
Hollywood and fresh.

Her Oscar de la Renta gown with a fitted bodice and deep neckline helped
Vetica make the decision to sweep the hair back off the face. The result: a
retro-style pin-up ‘do with a more soft and relaxed feel.

How to get the look
- Kyra’s hair was blow-dried to a smooth finish with a touch of Moroccanoil
Treatment, directed away from the face using a strong spray gel to hold her
hair up and away from her forehead.

- The back of the hair was curled inward to create wave and volume. Vetica
used a heat styling spray to protect the hair and to help give a firm hold
to the swept back look.

- Vetica brushed Kyra’s hair back from the front, to keep it away from her
face.  The final look framed her face and cascaded into waves when she
turned. Vetica finished the style by rubbing a small amount of Moroccanoil
Hydrating Styling Cream through his hands, smoothing the hair and adding
shine to finish and refine the look.

How To Hairstyles! How to create a Sophisticated Chignon Hairstyle!

Try this sophisticated chignon hairstyle for weddings, proms, the office or any occasion that suits you! I personally after viewing the video think that depending on your hair texture you can try to cut out the first step  with the rollers and save some time unless you need or want the volume or have hair that isn’t exactly straight. Either way this is a very gorgeous hairstyle! The chignon hairstyle can be seen on celebrities such as Amy Adams, Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek, and Eva Mendes.

How To Hairstyles! How to Create a tousled flip hairstyle on shorter hair!

November 13, 2008  |  How To Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles  |  4 Comments

Check out this hairstyle video on how to create a tousled flip hairstyle on shorter hair! This hairstyle is great for any occasion and perfect for proms, and weddings! When it comes to shorter hair , you occasionally want to look more than a wash and go style try out this short tousled hairstyle on your hair! Hairstyles like this can be seen on celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Selma Blair, Agynes Deyn, Cynthia Nixon and Lisa Edelstein.

How To Hairstyles! How to make loose lovely curls!

Check out this awesome step by step video on how to create loose and lovely curls! Long hairstyles can be allot to manage  and hairstyle wise can take allot of creativity but this video pulls it out easily step by step to create such gorgeous full curls creating a romantic elegant long loose curly hairstyle you just cant beat it! Try this hairstyle at generally any occasion such as prom, weddings, or even out with friends! Hairstyles like this can be seen on celebrities such as Rachel Weisz, Tyra Banks, Joss Stone, Vanessa Hudgens, Mariah Carey and Eva Green.

How To Hairstyles! Dressed up ponytail hairstyle!

November 11, 2008  |  How To Hairstyles, Ponytail Hairstyles  |  1 Comment

Ponytail hairstyles are one of the most versatile hairstyles out there! Whether at the office, home, a wedding or out on the town with friends there is a ponytail hairstyle for you! Enjoy this video which shows a “dressed up” version of a ponytail hairstyle! Hairstyles like this are worn by celebrities such as Mandy Moore, Kate Beckinsale, Vanessa Minnilo and Eva Mendes.

How To Hairstyles! How to style a “modern” Pixie like Victoria Beckham

Enjoy this video which shows you how to step-by-step style a short pixie hairstyle like Victoria Beckham has most recently been sporting around! Other Celebrities have worn a similar hairstyle are – Katie Holmes, Natalie Portman, Pink, Neve Campbell , and Rihnanna. Short hairstyles like this can be very easy to style for any occasion such as the office, out and about with friends or even as simple as “wash and go”.

How To Hairstyles! MORE Ideas for short hairstyles!

November 10, 2008  |  How To Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles  |  2 Comments

Check out this video that gives great ideas for hairstyles you can do yourself on short hair! Short hairstyles are as easy or as difficult as you want them to be! Depending on the length of the hair really determines its versatility. Crops, and Bob hairstyles are very popular and worn by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Amy Adams, Eva Longoria and Hilary Swank. Check out this video as it gives several different hairstyle ideas on short hair!

How To Hairstyles! Ideas to style short hair!

Short hairstyles can be sexy, sassy or conservative! Check out this awesome video giving you some ideas and tips on how to style your short hair! Short hairstyles can also be seen on celebrities such as Hilary Swank, Sharon Stone, and Victoria Beckham. If your looking for a new lighter hairstyle with the ease or difficulty as you want it for any occasion this is the hairstyle for you!

How To Hairstyles! Create a more modern ponytail hairstyle!

Enjoy this video on how to create a more modern look with a simple ponytail hairstyle! Ponytail hairstyles are extremely versatile and can be worn for just about any occasion! This hairstyle is made a tad more modern using a low side-style of the ponytail and a simple fabric covered headband (these headbands I have seen even in dollar stores!).

How To Hairstyles! How to Create a FAKE bob hairstyle!

Elegant bob hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular! Check out this awesome video on how to create a “FAKE” bob hairstyle even with long hair! Celebrities even like Eva Longoria have sported similar hairstyles! This video shows you how to make a great elegant bob-like hairstyle without having to cut your long locks! Enjoy and make sure to check out other “How To Hairstyle” videos that we have found just for you!

How To Hairstyles! Create a 60′s inspired sleek ponytail hairstyle!

November 6, 2008  |  How To Hairstyles, Ponytail Hairstyles  |  No Comments

Ponytail hairstyles are extremely versatile and can be styled for just about any occasion! This video shows you how to make a sleek, tight 60′s inspired ponytail hairstyle that is perfect for the office, out on the town with the girls or even an elegant occasion of your choice by simply using a more elegant clip piece than shown in the video! Enjoy this video and try out this hairstyle today! Ponytail hairstyles are seen worn by many celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson and Eva Mendes.

How To Hairstyles! How to Create an Evening Hairstyle in Minutes!

November 4, 2008  |  Elegant Hairstyles, How To Hairstyles  |  5 Comments

Check out this great step by step hairstyle how-to which resembles hairstyles worn by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Mariska Hargitay, and Carmen Electra.