Kim Cattrall’s classy, blonde hairstyle


Kim Cattrall looked elegant with her shorter, blonde hairstyle at the photocall for Meet Monica Velour at the 36th Deauville American Film Festival. Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall showed off a classy, wavy hairstyle with bangs paired with a red v-neck dress.

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Kim Cattrall’s 80′s big hair hairstyle!

Kim Cattrall's 80's big hair hairstyle!

Kim Cattrall on the set of “Sex and the City 2″ wearing a 80′s hairstyle!

your 1980′s big hair, teased and fluffed!

Color: Blonde, Pale Golden Blonde, Platinum Blonde

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:
It’s a 80′s big hairstyle what is not to love? While this was definitely “in” in the 80′s you will most likely only see this hairstyle on people still stuck in the decade, have no fashion or hair sense at all, or at a awesome costume party! Back then this was THE hairstyle, big, fluffy and BIG! Love it!

How to achieve this celebrity hairstyle:
Providing you actually want to use this hairstyle (and hopefully at a costume party!) the bigger the better, I would start with curling, or crimping the hair and the tease tease tease! (but trust me you might regret it later when it comes to actually brushing it out! OUCH!).

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Kim Cattrall’s updo hairstyle at the world premiere of “Sex and the City: The Movie”

Kim Cattrall is attending the world premiere of “Sex and the City: The Movie” with her hair fashioned into an elegant updo hairstyle for this occasion, this is a great choice and really shows off her defined features.

Kim Cattrall’s updo hairstyle at the world premiere of “Sex and the City: The Movie”