Lauren McKnight’s long hairstyle with bangs

Lauren McKnight's long hairstyle with bangs

Lauren McKnight wearing a long hairstyle with bangs while attending the opening night gala screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox at the 2009 AFI Fest held at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California.

How to get straight sleek hair!

No matter what length your hair is, at one point or another you will most likely want your hair
just a little bit straighter than it is! Straight sleek hairstyles are very popular not with
just the teen crowd but young and older generations as well.

First off, start with damp hair, you might consider using if you already have on hand a
smooth or straightening type of shampoo and conditioner. However this is not exactly necessary
it just helps. I also recommend using a deep conditioner as well.

After shampooing and conditioning blot hair dry, do not vigorously towel dry.

Use a wide toothed comb to detangle any knots.

At this point you want to also apply a smoothing cream, straightening serum. Apply to hair
evenly and comb through from root to tip. Try to distribute the product as evenly as possible
I also try to especially pay attention to getting product at the ends.

Next run a blow dryer through for a short amount of time to get any excess water. You want
your hair damp, not dripping.

Divide hair into sections. It is up to you if you want to seperate these sections with clips or pins.
You will then take a section of your hair and proceed to pull your round brush from the roots
to the ends while blow drying. Always pull hair away from the head. Remember when brushing
and blow drying to straighten you want to always focus on keeping the hair straight and
maintaining tension.

To prevent frizzing when you are finished set your dryer on a cool mode or temperature and run it lightly
over the hair, this helps to cool the hair and lock the cuticles in place.

Lastly finish with a light shine spray for a healthy glow and shine, followed by a quality
hold hair spray. You don’t want to weight your hair down or make it appear very stiff so
use lightly.