Michelle Monaghan’s sexy hairstyle with bangs

During the Souce Code premiere at the ArcLight in Hollywood, actress Michelle Monaghan dazzled in an elegant white dress and super sexy hairstyle. Michelle Monaghan was red-carpet ready wearing her rich brunette tresses styled in undone waves complete with long bangs framing her eyes.

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Michelle Monaghan’s sexy hairstyle with bangs

Actress Michelle Monaghan visited The Marilyn Denis Show at CTV’s Queen Street Headquarters in Toronto and wowed while modeling her super sexy hairstyle. Michelle Monaghan sizzled with her gorgeous brunette shade, straight hairstyle and full bangs drawing attention to her eyes.

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Michelle Monaghan’s sophisticated updo

Actress Michelle Monaghan created a polished updo for the 20th Annual Beat the Odds Awards hosted by the Children’s Defense Fund California in Beverly Hills. Michelle Monaghan added instant sophistication with her layers in the front swept to the side which also softened the style.

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Michelle Monaghan’s brunette, wavy hairstyle

For the Los Angeles premiere of Due Date, Michelle Monaghan opted for a sexy, side-swept hairstyle and minimal makeup. Michelle Monaghan tossed her brunette waves over one shoulder for her red carpet walk at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

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Michelle Monaghan’s sleek, brunette hairstyle

For a special screening of Fair Game in New York, Michelle Monaghan wore her long, brunette hair down in this straight and sleek hairstyle with a center part that elongated her face.

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Michelle Monaghan’s sexy side swept hairstyle at the 2010 SAG Awards!

Michelle Monaghan's sexy side swept hairstyle at the 2010 SAG Awards!

Michelle Monaghan wearing a long side swept hairstyle while attending the 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards held at the Shrine in Hollywood, LA.

Michelle Monaghan’s long elegant side swept hairstyle

michelle monaghan side swept hairstyle

Michelle Monaghan wearing an elegant long curly side swept hairstyle while attending the 13th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles.

Have long hair but don’t want to take the large amount of time it can mean to fashion
an updo hairstyle of any sort? Just because your attending an elegant occasion does not
mean it automatically requires an elegant updo hairstyle of sorts!

You can easily opt for long, sexy, sleek and straight. By using a flat iron you can achieve
this look very easily, and it is versatile enough for many other events and occasions as
well. If a flat iron is not your thing using something as simple as a flat brush and blow
dryer on damp hair can work as well. Part your hair in different sections, zig zags
or one of my personal favorites First part your hair down the middle, after using a flat
Iron or flat brush/blow dryer combo, take about 2-3 inches of hair from the front and
neatly tuck them behind the ears, add shine spray, and a good but flexible holding spray.
You can also fasten these strands if say your bangs are short or its hard to keep them
behind your ears with a coated bobby pin close in color to your hair color.

Another option is to Use hot rollers/curling iron or a round brush and blow dryer to
create beautiful curls basically from ear length down, and then fashioning the hair so it
sits swept onto one preferred side. This hairstyle is essentially easy once you get past the
curling and can usually last all evening without problems if you use good quality products.

Lastly top with a great pair of earrings to show off!

Michelle Monaghan’s long layered hairstyle

SPL82477_032Michelle Monaghan is wearing her hair in a long layered hairstyle while attending the 2009 Independent Spirit Awards held in Santa Monica.

Hairstyle: long, falls below the shoulders with layers.

Color: Dark Ash brown, Brown, Brown Black, Ash brown

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:
Layers layers layers! Layered hairstyles have become increasingly popular not only by celebrities but by everyday people as well. Love your long hair but styling it is pretty boring? Print out this picture and take it to your nearest preferred salon!

Michelle Monaghan’s straight shoulder length hairstyle with bangs

Attending the “Made of Honor” premiere in New York, Michelle Monaghan wore her gorgeous brunette hair in a simple, sleek and sexy straight shoulder length hairstyle with bangs. This look is great on Michelle Monaghan and works well with round facial features while if achieving the right sleek and shine works perfect for any occasion.

Michelle Monaghan’s straight shoulder length hairstyle with bangs