Brooke Burke’s sexy long hairstyle at the People’s Choice Awards

Brooke Burke wearing her hair in a sexy sleek straight hairstyle while attending the 35th Annual Poeple’s Choice Awards.

To create the perfect look for your hair, choose to straighten your
hair. The effect of ceramic straightening means that the follicles on
your hair lie straighter and therefore reflects more light, making it
look healthy and a beautiful colour.
1. Spray a heat-protective spray in your hair, this insures very
little damage is done o your hair. Be sure to spray over the
entire length of your hair.
2. Fully dry hair using a blow dryer. Make sure that you blow
downwards, this is so the you can keep the cuticles lying flat,
thus leaving your hair shinier, because more light can reflect
from your hair.
3. Comb through your hair with a wide-toothed comb, so as not
to create static in your hair. Keep this comb for the next part.
4. Separate your hair into sections. Depending on the thickness
of your hair you may end up having created between 4 and 10
sections. Start with the hair closest to your neck. and work up
to the top. You will find that the more sections you have the
straighter your hair will be in the end.
5. Once you have your first section, turn on your hair
straighteners. Starting at the top pull the straighteners down
towards the floor. Do this fairly slowly. The slower you go the
straighter it will be and the longer it will stay in. But also the
slower you go the more damage you cause to you hair.
6. Once your first section is straight, continue until all the hair is
7. If you are happy with your look, then spray some shine spray
over all your hair. If not, continue straightening your locks
until you achieve desired effect