Pixie Geldof’s sassy short hairstyle

Pixie Geldof seen at the Elle Style Awards 2009, Big Sky Studios, London.

Hairstyle: I love this hairstyle its a short layered cut and there are many ways to style it flips, waves and sculpted short hairstyles are very easy to do and a great cut for anyone wanting a easy to manage cut and hairstyle. Pixie Geldof’s short hairstyle has a very sassy but chic feel to it and on top of it the cut and style overall really compliment her features. Take caution though, this hairstyle and cut is definitely not for everyone. I really recommend it for thinner faces, because if your working with a round face already this can make it appear much rounder as pretty much any short hairstyle can. If your not entirely sure and have a round face but want to try shorter hairstyles, I highly suggest shortening your hair a little bit at a time until you reach the desired look. This way you can safely go shorter and shorter without doing it all at once and running the risk of the cut not going well with your features and face shape!

Hair Color : Beige White, Silvery Moon and Platinum Blonde. This hair color is pretty light and drastic with a almost silver/platinum touch to it. Choose wisely when going very light in color as the darker your hair is, the more damage lightening your hair can do.

Pixie Geldof’s short hairstyle at the premiere of ‘Shine A Light’

Pixie Geldof is sporting a short blonde hairstyle at the premiere of ‘Shine A Light’ at the Odeon Leicester Square in London, England. This is a very simple cut and style for anyone to acheive with very easy management and many ways to dress it up.

Pixie Geldof’s short hairstyle