Rachael Leigh Cook’s sexy long hairstyle

Rachael Leigh Cook is wearing a beautiful long half up half down hairstyle while at The Creative Coalition’s 2009 Inaugural Ball at the Harman Center for the Arts in Washington, DC.

I love this hairstyle on Rachael Leigh Cook! This hairstyle is very beautiful while not perfectly neat it really has a romantic flair to it and that’s one of the things that is so great about this hairstyle! While I personally see this as a variation of a “half up half down” hairstyle what is really done to achieve this hairstyle is just taking the front strands and pulling back and fastening with a clip, barrette etc. This is one of the most simplest hairstyles out there. I use it myself many times! Its perfect for any casual time or elegant occasions. I also love the thick beautiful curls at the bottom of her hair which as such a beautiful romantic look to this. Rachel also paired this hairstyle with a long white strapless gown at the event and I have to admit she did this very well! Her hair is also very healthy which I truly believe sometimes makes a hairstyle sometimes you just cant mask unhealthy , dry or damaged hair regardless. This hairstyle is perfect for shoulder length hair and longer. You can also try different variations with shorter hair, more curls, or everything completely straight! A great choice!