Rose Byrne’s classic bob hairstyle

Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne looked gorgeous as always at the kitten auditions with the Broadway cast of You Can’t Take It With You at the New 42nd Street Studios in New York with her brown hair in a center part and smooth classic bob.

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Rose Byrne’s sexy, sleek hairstyle

Actress Rose Byrne sported a seriously sexy style when she arrived for AmFar’s New York Gala held at Cipriani Wall Street. Rose Byrne wowed with her sleek, brunette hairstyle and full, strong bangs dusting her eyes.

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Rose Byrne’s messy, updo hairstyle


Rose Byrne wore a slightly too messy updo hairstyle to the Emmys. The Damages star loosely pulled back her waves to create this updo which didn’t photograph very well from the front. With just a little less mess, Rose Byrne’s hairdo could have been a “Do” instead of a “Don’t.”

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Rose Byrne’s romantic, wavy hairstyle

Rose Byrne

At the Breakthrough of the Year Awards in Los Angeles, Rose Byrne showed off this romantic hairstyle. Rose Byrne created this look with soft, loose waves framing her face and her middle part.

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Rose Byrne’s ponytail hairstyle

Rose Byrne's ponytail hairstyle

Rose Byrne wearing a high ponytail hairstyle while attending the screening of “Adam” at Loews 19th Street Theatre, NYC.
Hairstyle: High ponytail hairstyle with tight sides and base

Color: Ash brown, Dark Ash Brown, Golden Ash Brown, Brunette, Brownest Black, Blackest Brown

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:
Ponytail hairstyles are extremely versatile and one of the most easy hairstyles to fashion. You can style the ponytail low, high, loose or tight, wear a ponytail hairstyle as a wedding hairstyle, elegant hairstyle, casual hairstyle and just about any hairstyle that you need!

Tips on achieving this celebrity hairstyle:
For the office: try wearing the ponytail low, with tight sides and base. Out on the town: Style the ponytail high and tight, leave strands and curl for a more romantic look or curl the ponytail itself.

Rose Byrne’s sexy long wavy hairstyle

Rose Byrne wearing a long wavy hairstyle while at the ‘Knowing’ movie premiere in Manhattan, New York City.

Hairstyle: Very sexy, sassy and simple. Long luscious waves with just the front pieces/bang area pulled back to be kept out of her face.A very sexy

Color: Dark brown/Brunette with a hint of lighter golden brown hues.  Similar colors to achieve are: Medium Golden Brown, Ash brown, Medium Ash brown, Darkest Brown, Dark brown.

When to wear this celebrity hairstyle:
Rose Byrne has really knocked this one out of the park. Long supple luscious waves all around with front strands pulled up that help highlight her beautiful features. Wear this celebrity hairstyle at events such as weddings, cocktail parties, proms, the versatility to wear with a pair of jeans, a gown or a cocktail dress. The possibilities with this hairstyle are endless.

To Achieve this celebrity hairstyle:
Volume and texture is key. Start out with a quality volumizing shampoo and conditioner, towel dry. work in a small amount of styling mouse or cream first tip head upside down and begin drying the bottom layer of hair, use a round brush to turn and create waves.  Flip up and begin by using sections no wider than the brush ( a little narrower than the brush please, smaller strands can also make more defining waves and curls) brush, hold, blow dry and allow to cool on the brush before releasing. Once you have completely finished work your fingers ONLY if you need to to pick through, take the front strands needed (or leave them out all together during the blow drying process) and pin back. Another method without washing and drying the hair is using hot rollers, work fingers through once rollers are cooled and removed scrunch and stretch depending on the amount of waves and curls desired.

Rose Byrne’s sexy sultry long hairstyle with curls

Rose Byrne wearing a sexy long hairstyle with curls at the 2009 Independent Spirit Awards held in Santa Monica.

Hairstyle: Gorgeous body only in the lengths. Hair is rolled up to ear height on curlers or rolled diagonally with napkins or fabric (tie the ends) dry hair gently, comb out with a wide-toothed comb.

Hair Tips: For more body in your hairstyle blow-dry against the direction of its growth creates volume for long and short hair. Let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer. Bend over, be sure to point the air flow away from the hair roots and use fingers to move hair back and forth opposite to the direction of growth.  Use volume building products like shampoos, sprays, lotions and treatments that add volume surround the hair with a stabilizing film making it stronger and increasing the distance between the individual hairs.