Jenny McCarthy’s wacky blonde curly hairstyle

Jenny McCarthy’s wacky blonde curly hairstyle

Apparently trying to channel her inner naughty librarian Jenny McCarthy is seen here wearing a thick blonde curly hairstyle that falls just above the shoulders while attending the 2005 American Music Awards. This hairstyle is all wrong for the blonde actressthe thick hair really looks fake, and possibly some of it is,this hairstyle just resembles a wig too much but this funny lady proboly knew that already!

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  1. I am not positive if this is the correct place, but I kinda thought you should know I read this post awhile ago on another site. I think it might have been a wordpress blog with a similar title. The content was practically the same, but I noticed that this one has an older date. I reckon they grabbed it from you, but maybe not who knows. Thought you may want to know.

  2. Seems it is pretty lively around here

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