Lady Gaga’s bad hair day

Lady Gaga's bad hair day

Lady Gaga having a bad hair (or wig!) day while visiting London’s trendy Soho.

Hairstyle: curly, frizzy, bad hair day?

Color: Blonde, Platinum Blonde, Light Ash Blonde, Pale Blonde

Why we hate this celebrity hairstyle:
Frizzy and curly, ya ya we get it she has fangs and is wanting to resemble the undead a bit more but really even the vampires from True Blood still manage to keep their hair in order! If thats a wig, someone pay this poor lady more so she can buy a wig from somewhere other than the .99 cent store!

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  1. bad gaga!!


  2. I love that wig. I have no idea why you think it looks bad.

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