Taylor Swift’s pulled back curly hairstyle

Taylor Swift wore her natural ringlets pulled back into a knot for part of the night when attending the Academy of Country Music Awards. Taylor Swift’s naturally curly hair is gorgeous kudos to her for embracing her golden locks! This style is easy to do and very romantic looking the stray strands really work for her and give her a very natural but sultry style.

Taylor Swift’s pulled back curly hairstyle

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  1. Love the hair how did you do that ?

  2. taylor you are the best singer ever i love your curly hair i have curly hair to…..


  3. iam going to try to curl my hair like yours,,,,,,,,,,

    love, jocelyn

  4. i love your hair i wont mine like yours//////

    love, brittany

  5. taylor swift is the bomb! i love her so much !

    i want her hair! i almost have it…its getting long and already curly.

  6. I love your hair, it so cute!!! I got homecoming soon and i want to how to fix my hair like that. O and your my idol too!!

  7. Of course yall luv her hair u would luv ur own 2 if u guys had a hair styleist do u hair everyday for hours… lol… think 4 a second..

  8. i so need to know how she styles her hair because mine is just like hers but its always a mess.:(

  9. OMG i love the Hairstyle how do you do it!!

  10. Taylor Swift probably has some of the prettiest hair i have ever seen. and finally after looking forever i found how to get my hair to look exactly like it! TAYLOR SWIFT IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Taylor Swift honey you are one of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen. Thi shair style almost made me go black in the head. Keep singing stay strong and beautiful as always. I love you :]

  12. Omg!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I am getting my hair done like yours!!!! YOUR THE BEST!!!!

  13. how do u do that to your hair?

  14. all u have to do is get a perm at a soolon but show them a picture of her hair then u have to get your hair wet each day and put moose in it and mine looked just like hers

  15. i love this hairstylle! im doin my hair like this for HC! taylors awesom too!

  16. i love your hair taylor!! im getting my permed friday so i can have beautifull hair like that.. hope it works.. i even have the bangs like u.. ur awesome.. screw kanye hes jus jealous bc it looks like somthing feel on his barbers head when he was gettn his hair cut.. lol ur beeatifull and very talented!!

  17. hi taylor i love your hair im going to get my hair to look like yours!!!!!!


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