Tyra Banks ultra curly hairstyle.

Tyra Banks is sporting a ultra curly hairstyle at ‘The CW 2008 Network Upfront’. Tyra Banks hair is chestnut in color with great high and low lights, followed by curls all over! A great style for this gorgeous model!

Tyra Banks ultra curly hairstyle.

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  1. The best she has ever looked, love it.

  2. Tyra always looks great!

  3. Would you mind if i repost this to one of my websites on this subject? I’d give you full credit, of course. Email me if that’s OK, thanks

  4. Bud of mine mailed me the link for this. Pretty good I must say and worth the effort to take a look, so thanks and keep it up.

  5. Just where do all these geeks come up with this stuff?

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