How to Hairstyles! How to fashion step by step a Ponytail Hairstyle

Wear a ponytail hairstyle like the celebrities love to! Ponytail hairstyles are versatile and can work for almost any occasion!

1. Comb your hair and make sure to remove any tangles;

2. Add small amount of styling mousse or pomade to dried hair;

3. Style the front of your hair;

4. Part your hair where desired;

5. Pull a rubber band around the wrist of your lead or brush hand;

6. Brush hair into your free hand, letting the tail hang parallel to your spine;

7. Collect the hair you want to include between the L made by your thumb and palm;

8. Set the brush down, then tighten the grip on your
gathered hair;

9. Transfer the ponytail into your lead hand;

10. Your palm should face the back of your head, with your fingers and thumb facing down and your elbow facing up;

11. Let your hair form a cord in the tunnel of your grip;

12. Hook the rubber band with your free index finger and stretch it down;

13. Pull your ponytail through the band, keeping a soft grip;

14. Keep the rubber band tense as you insert your other fingers and thumb into the band and twist it around the base of your ponytail;

15. Press your pinky against the point where the rubber band crosses and make a wide circle;

16. Grab your ponytail and pull it through the rubber band;

17. Repeat steps from 12 to 15 until the rubber band fits snug:

18. Take a small section of the tail and wrap it twice – once for short hair – around the rubber band;

19. Secure it by inserting it into a strap of the band;

20. Use an extra dab of gel or anti-frizz serum on the twisting section for greater control.

If the band sits too low, take half of the ponytail in each hand and pull gently just under the rubber band. The ends should be parallel to your shoulders as you pull.

The hair leading into the ponytail should lay flat and smooth don’t pull too tight.

Do not make your ponytail too tight. Your hair could fall out if you do and can also cause discomfort.

Use high-quality, coated rubber bands NEVER rubber bands that can break your hair. You may apply a little conditioner around the inside of the coated elastic.

Go gently when making a ponytail. Shift the placement of ponytail from day to day.

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