Drew Barrymore’s sexy updo hairstyle

Drew Barrymore wearing a sexy updo hairstyle at Grey Gardens, Academy of TV Arts and Sciences, North Hollywood, California.

Hairstyle: Updo hairstyle, sexy yet elegant.

Color: Blonde, light golden blonde, golden blonde, ash blonde, dark ash blonde, butterscotch.

When to wear this celebrity hairstyle:
This hairstyle can be worn at occasions and events such as weddings, proms, black tie events and galas. You can also pair this sexy yet elegant updo hairstyle with jeans, short skirts or dresses meant for parties and clubs.

Tips on achieving this celebrity hairstyle:
Blonde or brunette it doesn’t matter but pay caution when you are lightening your hair as it can severely damage your locks. Pick out pins that match as close as possible to your hair color. Pick out accessory and matching hair pieces that match your attire. Big earrings can also make a great outfit even better and accentuate your neck and hairstyle.

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  1. the pink lipstick is her. nice choice MsBarrymore

  2. Yes, I like the upsweep but it’s
    just a little messy for me.
    She’s a real sweetie.

  3. It’s stunning how fast he lost weight. I must say, I am a little green with envy. But I think Drew seemed more comical when he was larger for some reason.

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