Jamie Lynn Spears sleek tight bun hairstyle

Jamie Lynn Spears wearing a sleek tight bun hairstyle at Nickelodeon’s twentieth Annual Kids Choice Awards, held at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion, Westwood, California.

Hairstyle : Sleek, tight low bun hairstyle

Color: Multi-colored with Blonde and Brown colors. Similar colors to achieve: Ash brown, Dark Ash brown, Brown/Black, Blonde, Light Ash Blonde, Golden Blonde, Caramel/Chocolate, Midnight/Honey Blonde, Buttered Toast, and Misty Mocha.

When to wear this celebrity hairstyle:
Another versatile hairstyle the bun hairstyle can be fashioned in many ways to cater to your needs. Wear this tight sleek bun hairstyle like Jamie Lynn Spears as a wedding hairstyle, prom hairstyle, casual hairstyle and essentially to any event or gala. This hairstyle is also perfect for more casual occasions as well and can work very well paired with a chic pair of jeans! The possibilities are absolutely endless.

Tips on Achieving this celebrity hairstyle:
Shine serum or spray, to use lightly on the hair to add more shine and luster to the hairstyle. Be wise not to over-do the shine type products when you are styling your hair as they can also make the hair look dirty and greasy if over-done. Bobby pins that are coated and closely matching your hair color work well when fashioning this hairstyle into place. Play up the look by switching side parts, parting down the middle, or not at all.

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