Melissa George’s sleek bun hairstyle

Melissa George's sleek bun hairstyle

Melissa George wearing a sleek bun hairstyle while attending the New York City premiere of “Inglourious Basterds”.

Hairstyle: sleek bun hairstyle

Color: Blonde, Golden Blonde, Pale Golden Blonde

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle: Bun hairstyles are easy to do and very versatile so you can easily find a way to fashion a bun hairstyle for literally any occasion.

You can wear the bun low, high, or middle of the head. Bun hairstyles can be messy, loose or tight. Leave strands down and curl, or leave as is for a romantic, elegant look. For the office sleek low bun hairstyles are easy to fashion and can go with every-day wear! The possibilities are endless!

Tips on achieving this celebrity hairstyle:
Use coated bobby-pins that match your hair color as close as possible to help hold the bun in place. I always start using the pins on the lower part of the bun first and see how tight and secure it seems before I add anymore. Use decorative clips/ barrettes on each side of the bun to not only secure the bun but also add more to the hairstyle and match your attire!

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