Did Lady Gaga shave her head?

Did Lady Gaga shave her head

Lady Gaga is all about the shock factor, so we wouldn’t be surprised it’s really true. Lady Gaga just appeared on British television show Paul O’Gray Show with a bald head and a dress that looked like hair. She performed a piano-only version of her song — you guessed it – Hair.

Did Lady Gaga shave her head

She then donned a green wig. Do you think Lady Gaga really shaved her head or perhaps she was just wearing a bald cap? She rocked a green hairstyle recently at the 22nd Annual Much Music Video Awards in Canada.

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  1. Baby in a Blanket

    This country is hilarious…

  2. OMG… It’s nice…

  3. Maria Dominguez

    I wouldn’t be supprised if she did shave her hair off? She does bleach it alot…soo maybe she descided that its time to cut it all back and let it grow back all natural without all the chemicals cuz it probably killed her hair :P But thats a good idea when your hair “dies” to cut it all off and let it grow back…i wouldn’t do that cuz i can’t pay for a wig…lol…but if i could i’d probably do the same. Love you gaga <3
    Lil monster 4 ever :)!

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