Lady Gaga’s fun funky hairstyle!

Lady Gaga's fun funky hairstyle!

Lady Gaga wearing a short bowl cut like hairstyle with bangs while attending a photocall at the IFA Exhibition for consumer electronics and home appliances in Berlin, Germany.

Hairstyle: Fun and funky, this is Lady Gaga so what else did you expect?

Color: Platinum Blonde, Blonde, Pale Golden Blonde

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:
Fun, Funky and a good chance this is a wig but hey who cares it’s Lady Gaga! A interesting tidbit I recently read said that Lady Gaga claims to color her hair blonde as she was frequently mistaken for Amy Winehouse (having dark brunette locks and her real name sounding very Italian!). Either way Lady Gaga consistantly pulls off some fun and funky hairstyles wherever she goes! From straight and sleek with a matching bow on top to a short bob either way it makes her look and style that much more interesting!

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  1. i like the short hair

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