Goldie Hawn has a bad hair day

Goldie Hawn having a bad hair day at the Orange British Academy Film Awards at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London.

Goldie Hawn is clearly having one bad hair day while attending the Orange British Academy Film Awards in London. This hairstyle really could have shined but is in clear need of repair!. Goldie Hawn is wearing her hair in a blonde layered hairstyle that falls just below the shoulders. Goldie Hawn’s bad hair day follows right through with her fashion as well wearing a too tight at the top black gown (pssst don’t borrow clothes from Kate Hudson anymore!) Goldie Hawn could have easily fixed this hairstyle with her bangs brushed or pinned to the side, or even with her bangs trimmed a little more to keep out of the face. The fly-aways on this hairstyle are also ridiculous and in dire need of some sort of holding spray. It really looks like Goldie Hawn just woke up and headed off to the awards show! A few ideas to correct or to add to this hairstyle: Hairspray, or shine serum to help stave away fly-aways!. Also a trimming of the bangs, or to add to the overall elegance of the occasion and the look she is trying to achieve a nice updo hairstyle would have done wonders as well!

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