Jessica Alba’s bun hairstyle

Jessica Alba's bun hairstyle

Jessica Alba wearing a bun hairstyle while attending the 5th Annual Cinton Global Initiative (“CGI”) Opening Reception, held at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), NYC

Hairstyle: Bun Hairstyle

Color: Blonde, Brassy – As you can see in the photos especially the first one it almost looks as if Jessica Alba is balding, when in fact this has to do with her coloring her hair! When you go from a dark color, like brunette, black, dark browns and dark colors in general one rule of thumb if you color your hair on your own (I hope her stylist didn’t do this!) is that you want to do the roots LAST as it takes more time to do the rest of your hair so if you start from the roots FIRST what will happen is they will lighten faster and lighter than the rest of your hair resulting in your hair looking like it is thinning because it is so light, and in Jessica Alba’s case it almost appears that she is balding! I really had to take a double take until I realized exactly what she has done! (I did this myself once or twice too!). SO keep in mind the rule of thumb is when coloring your hair a lighter shade or if you are using a blonde hair color, to do the roots LAST since they generally can be lighter and the ones around your face thinner therefore they color faster, and well it takes time to do the rest of your hair if you have long or thick hair especially¬† pay this rule in mind or you too could look like this or worse!!

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:
Simple bun hairstyle that can work for any occasion as well as being a very easy to do hairstyle that can work with various hair lengths.

Jessica Alba's bun hairstyle

Jessica Alba's bun hairstyle

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  1. That is a terribly unflattering haircolor!

  2. Jessica Alba, i think she is the most beautiful girl in this generation. She makes good films to luv ya, you are a sweetheart…….

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