Natasha Bedingfield’s Bad Hair Day

Natasha Bedingfield needs to either fire her stylist or to try not to do her hair herself anymore. At the 4th Annual Peapod Foundation Benefit Concert in Hollywood, it’s a bad hair day for this songstress who looks like she is stuck in a bad 80s movie.

Natasha Bedingfield’s Bad Hair Day

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  1. i dont like this it makes her head look big and this style isn’t for her face i mean the hairstyle is not ugly but it just isn’t for her

  2. I think she looks like she’s trying to Amy Winehouse or something…not very flattering at all.

  3. That’s a mess.

  4. I think this hair style rocks she was willing to take a risk with her hair… and she looked good doing it!!

  5. What is that thing on her head? Natasha she is gorgeous but dang did she look in a mirror before she left for this?

  6. i think she did her hair like this to hear fashon reviews like this say it looked bad- which it did’nt. It just dosn’t go with the make up.

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