Audrina Patridge’s Ponytail Hairstyle

audrina patridge ponytail hairstyle

Audrina Patridge wearing a chic ponytail hairstyle while attendingĀ  the ‘Avatar’ premiere held at the Mann’s Chinese Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA.

Hairstyle: Ponytail hairstyle

Color: Brunette, Dark Brown, Dark Chocolate Brown

Need a specific cut? No, ponytail hairstyles can be fashioned with many different hair lengths, however Audrina Patridge does have long hair.

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle: Ponytail hairstyles are easy to do, from the stay at home mom, to the glamorous model, to the office clerk, hot Hollywood Actress and everything in between it is that easy to style and that versatile!

Words or phrases to describe this celebrity hairstyle: Easy to do hairstyle, Ponytail hairstyle

Love it or Hate it? LOVE it! Ponytail hairstyles can be fashioned in so many ways there is no way you can find one you like!

Products and tools to help create this celebrity hairstyle: For a super sexy sleek ponytail, run a ceramic plated flat iron over the ponytail itself.

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