Helena Bonham Carter’s bad hair day


Helena Bonham Carter clearly shares a stylist with Amy Winehouse, as she has a bad hair day while attending the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!

Hairstyle: Vety messy, looks unbrushed and damaged

Color: Auburn, Dark Auburn

Why we hate this celebrity hairstyle:
It looks like Helena Bonham Carter woke up several days in a row and just did not brush her hair! She is in dire need of a brush and a style! The large amount of hair ratty and piled up is just horrible and makes her look like a bag lady!You cant even tell wholly if her hair is damaged or not, but with that much of a rat nest I would almost guarantee it! The color is great, the hairstyle needs some serious TLC!

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  1. I’m not saying that this is a good style, what-so-ever, because it is absolutely horrible…but, she may have just been enbodying her character from HP because that hair looks exactly like Bellatrix Lestrange’s.

  2. i love love love her hairstyles. just because she isn’t prim and perfect like every other celebrity, doesn’t mean its a bad hairstyle. for some reason society doesn’t like things that are different.

    I really love Helena’s hairstyles and think she has a great sense of style, and just like Sarah said, it might be because of her character aswell

  4. Omg who writes these? Seriously haha. I love her hair style it’s brilliant, and actually really doesn’t look bad. I think this is a case of oh know there’s someone out there who doesn’t give a rats ass in looking like so many of the other reject barbie’s out there. And by barbie I don’t even mean tanned and blond anymore as they get a lot of a abuse too. I’m referring more to the celeb’s or just people in general for that matter who need someone to tell them what to look like sheep is a better word.

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