Kristen Stewart’s sexy messy hairstyle


Kristen Stewart wearing a very sexy messy hairstyle while attending the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, where “Twilight” cleaned the house! Kristen Stewart stars as Bella Swan in the vampire hit and the sequel “Twilight Saga: New Moon!

Hairstyle: Sexy, Sultry and Messy

Color: Reds, Dark Browns and Blacks such as: Brown Black, Red, Soft Black, Fire Engine Red.

When to wear this celebrity hairstyle:
This hairstyle is definitely not for every day wear! Wear this hairstyle to clubs, concerts and mix it well with dark and bold colors.

Tips to achieve this celebrity hairstyle:
Messy, Messy and Messy. Use a blow dryer and brush to achieve this sexy sultry and messy celebrity hairstyle. Use a quality holding and shine sprays to create and keep this messy look but also add a healthy shine to it! If this color is for you, find a quality salon that specializes in coloring to get this sultry, sexy dark look.

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  1. bella i admire you(:

    and i love your hair long and like that !;; its really pretty!

  2. Omg i aboustly love her i want to be and look like her i’m trying to find her clothes on the iternet unsucssefly

  3. Wow ….she is very very beautiful ..!

    I like her different hairstyles.

    and I am collecting All Hot and Sexy Women’s Pictures.

  4. hi, i love your film twilight thats so good,and i love it,can you give me a autogram please sends me at selin weingärtner, hohewiesenstraße.84,76275 ettlingen im from germany please ilove you you are so beautiful and you so a good filmstar.

  5. I do think I came across this on one other web-site. Seems like somebody is actually stealing your work. Perhaps that could be a form of flattery.

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