Milla Jovovich’s bad hairday at Cannes

Milla Jovovich attended the Cannes Film Festival in a side hairstyle. This hairstyle is very wrong for her, while the actual side-style looks great, she has left this ugly gap and flip on the other side which makes this a very bad hairstyle, an ideal solution would have been a better comb-over than this even combing it tightly back instead of the ugly flip, which really ruins a style that has allot of potential.

Milla Jovovich’s bad hairday

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  1. Bookworm Frederick

    I’m sorry but this is just ugly all together! She should have done the great idea that she did on the left side.

  2. Yuck its horrible it really is, can’t belive she is revered like she is by her cult fans although she isnt well known, maybe its just after having a stupid baby and her hormones are everywhere, or maybe an early mid life crisis.

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