Paris Hilton’s dark hairstyle

Paris Hilton’s dark hairstyle

Paris Hilton not only sporting a bad messy hairstyle but even worse is her horrible tan!

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  1. Wow she looks like a train wreck!

  2. I think she looks healthy and I think the tan is very nice- I love the sun- she is a very beautiful young woman

  3. ii thinkk daahh shesss deaaaddd preettyyy nn ii adoreee herr shess myy idoll imm onlyy 13 thoo idd lovee too meett herr , herr badd hair days aree myy good oness andd shess still reaallyy prettyy id lovee too bee orr look likee herr anyday i diedd myy hairr blondee tryinn too bee likee herrs it turned gingaahh ! ): anywayy paris i lovee yoo x claudiaa x england x

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