Paula Abdul’s sexy loose low ponytail hairstyle

American Idol judge Paula Abdul is wearing her hair in a sexy loose low ponytail hairstyle while attending the Fox Winter All Star Party in Hollywood at the new My House club as part of the Television Critics Association Press Tour.

This hairstyle I think suits Paula Abdul very well. While being a very easy to do hairstyle by just curling the lower half of the hair and then loosely fastening it low in the back this has created a very sexy hairstyle! This hairstyle is perfect as a wedding hairstyle, prom hairstyle, and any event or gala. You can also use this hairstyle for casual, in the office or on a night out with the girls! The versatility in low ponytail type hairstyles is endless! Ponytail hairstyles in general can be used for ANY occasion and that’s what is so great about them! You can fashion a ponytail to your needs by pulled the hair back tight, adding bangs, leaving strands down to curl them or loosely fastening them with a clip, ribbon or hair piece of your choice!

Paula Abdul also has a beautiful rich color to her hair that I love! Similar colors to achieve are : Dark Brown, Ash Brown, Brown Black, or if you want to liven your color up with some high or low lights. Try a Walnut or Chocolate/Caramel color combination.

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  1. she looks great

  2. Her mediterranean look is gorgeous.

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