Rose Byrne’s ponytail hairstyle

Rose Byrne's ponytail hairstyle

Rose Byrne wearing a high ponytail hairstyle while attending the screening of “Adam” at Loews 19th Street Theatre, NYC.
Hairstyle: High ponytail hairstyle with tight sides and base

Color: Ash brown, Dark Ash Brown, Golden Ash Brown, Brunette, Brownest Black, Blackest Brown

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:
Ponytail hairstyles are extremely versatile and one of the most easy hairstyles to fashion. You can style the ponytail low, high, loose or tight, wear a ponytail hairstyle as a wedding hairstyle, elegant hairstyle, casual hairstyle and just about any hairstyle that you need!

Tips on achieving this celebrity hairstyle:
For the office: try wearing the ponytail low, with tight sides and base. Out on the town: Style the ponytail high and tight, leave strands and curl for a more romantic look or curl the ponytail itself.

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