Sandra Bullock’s messy updo hairstyle

Sandra Bullock's messy updo hairstyle

Sandra Bullock wearing a messy updo hairstyle while attending the World premiere for “All About Steve” held at the Mann Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California.

Hairstyle: Messy updo hairstyle

Color: Chestnut, Walnut, Brunette

Why we hate this celebrity hairstyle:
I really think this hairstyle had the makings for something elegant, or even cute when it comes to Sandra Bullock, but frankly it looks like she stuck her head out of the window of her limo on the way to the premiere. It was bad enough she wore something that resembled a car seat cover and some draperies thrown together (and ugly ones at that!). Sandra Bullock should have at least paid more attention to her hairstyle since her dress could make a hotel window jealous, or at least avoided that romp with hubby in the car on the way!

Suggestions to avoid fly-aways!

Use a good quality hair spray, holding spray or gel. If your hair is in different lengths and you can’t avoid strands coming out, then embrace them! Curl them, wrap them around your finger and spray to give a light wave! Use small hair accessories that match your attire or work well with the occasion to keep peices in place!

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  1. She could do better.

  2. Well motion picture directors would want you to not judge their films by the trailers or posters.

  3. Not what I was thinking when I heard it was about ballet #scaredofswansnow

  4. We don’t need to audio difficult, however are a person certain this really is appropriate? I’ve noticed few different reports in terms of this particular topic.

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