Lady Gaga’s highschool hairstyles!

February 24, 2010  |  Lady Gaga Hairstyles

Lady Gaga's highschool hairstyles!

Here is Lady Gaga before all the crazy, funky and fun hairstyles you see her wear today. These photos are of Lady Gaga from her personal profile while she was a senior at an exclusive girls Catholic School.  Wearing a straight highlighted hairstyle, and in another a wet, spiral type hairstyle, as you can see they are a far cry from what she loves to show off today!

Lady Gaga's highschool hairstyles!

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  1. so nice to changelook for bater

  2. she looked so nice y did mess her self up

  3. I really adore Lady Gaga and her strange costumes but she really let herself down this time being seen out in see through underwear.

  4. Julia, Lady GaGa's biggest fan

    OMG she could be Miss World, she was so beautiful.

  5. She looked so beautiful then – Why did she change herself?

  6. she looks way better right here she looks more female then now she looks so fake now she wants to be a doll and she will be one cause she is getting so many surgery

  7. the one the only... me

    eww gross i like her the way she is now even though she wore a meat dress!!

  8. the one the only... me

    but she is beautiful here :]

  9. shes beautiful but when she sing she change herself

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