Alyson Michalka’s long curly hairstyle


Alyson Michalka wearing a long curly hairstyle while attending The Los Angeles premiere of Twilight at Mann Village theater Westwood, Ca.

Hairstyle: long luscious curls

Color: Blonde, Honey Blonde, Ash Blonde, Light Ash Blonde, Pale Blonde, Wheat Blonde

When to wear this celebrity hairstyle:
This hairstyle can be fashioned for any event and used as a wedding hairstyle, prom hairstyle elegant hairstyle or even a casual hairstyle. Curly hairstyles when they have a luscious healthy look can work for almost any occasion!

Tips on achieving this celebrity hairstyle
If possible you can use 2 different size barrel curling irons, make sure they are ceramic plated for optimum results.
Naturally curly hair can work as well. If your opting for a perm use a quality salon to avoid any home mishaps since perms can be tricky. it is best to get a hair stylists oppinion on curl types, perms and if your hair has been previously colored.

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