Amanda Bynes long wavy hairstyle

Amanda Bynes long wavy hairstyle

Amanda Bynes posing for photos at a Lifetime Network event wearing her long chestnut and blonde colored locks in a simple long wavy hairstyle.

Lovely Long Hairstyles
Long Hairstyles are usually described as hairstyles that fall just under the shoulders. Long hairstyles can be stunning,beautiful,chic,straight,wavy, or messy. Long hairstyles are normally allot of work and maintenance especially to keep a long hairstyle from turning into a damaged mess depending on the texture and health of your hair.

Here are some awesome tips and tricks to maintaining a healthy head of gorgeous locks.

1. Long hair requires allot of maintenance, focus and commitment to achieving healthy long strands. 2.  Try to buy haircare products that are specifically meant or close enough to your hair type, texture and condition. 3. Do not use brushes with hard bulbs at the end, this can rip out delicate strands. 4. One of the most common mistakes in maintaining healthy hair is the improper or excessive washing and conditioning. 5. if your hair texture is straight or slightly wavy develop lush waves by braiding strands into 3 strand braids while hair is damp. 6. Never use rubber bands on your hair, yes many did it “back then” but it is proven to be very damaging to your hair.

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  1. dear amanda bynes i think your hair is great like you

    sincerly rossella

  2. i love amanda bynes! but i want my hair to also look like her’s. cuz her hair is straight! and i want mine to be that straight but it seems like i can never get it like that! ugh!
    <3 emmy


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