Angelina Jolie’s hairstyles for The Tourist

Angelina Jolie brought a little movie star magic to Berlin with her glamorous hairstyles and gorgeous outfits while promoting The Tourist. At the German premiere of her latest film, Angelina Jolie was stunning in this brushed-back hairstyle with extra volume at the roots and bouncy curls. Check out her daytime look in the next pic!

Angelina Jolie opted for a more casual ‘do that showed off her healthy sheen during a photocall for The Tourist in Berlin.

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  1. She look gorgeous in her hairstyles and outfits. Perfect beauty in any angles. Everybody are crazy to see and take photos of her and Brad. Simple or well dress in her outfits.She look radiant, she have good taste in sytle. A model by her self. She knows, what to wear in every occassion. People, “WOW” her. no wonder kids,teens,adults and Mom love her. She love her Mom,so much..means, she is a good kid, her self. I am always touch of her affection, every time I saw her hugging old people, and kids. She change a lot, after working and becoming volunteer at UN. She will again, celebrate the meaning of “True Christmas”, by giving joy to the less fortunate children in this world. How can we stop, loving this family…We need more like them, specially the fortunate ones, in this world. Even were the most powerful and riches in the world, when God takes our life,none can we take in our graves. Except the goodness we done for others. Be brave and be wise to face reality. For all will pass away. For in the eyes of GOD, were all the same, sinner or saint, but our works counts,more than our faith alone.

  2. damn, im addicted to these blog posts

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