Beyonce’s long straight hairstyle with bangs

Beyonce's long straight hairstyle with bangs

Beyonce wearing a straight long hairstyle with bangs while launching her new fragrance ‘Heat’ at Macy’s Herald Square in Manhattan in New York City.

I love this hairstyle it is simple, sexy and very easy to do. This is perfect for anyone who hates long styling times (like myself, long thick hair and styling is insane worth it sometimes but insane!). I was able to easily achieve this hairstyle within just a matter of minutes using a flat iron (ceramic plated is best, also don’t throw a bunch of product on your hair before its just nasty, damages the iron and your hair!) and some simple styling products such as a shine spray and a light holding spray. I went for light only because you do not want this hairstyle to look stiff and weighed down. This allows for you , like Beyonce to sweep or style your hair to the side. Wearing long hairstyles with the hair swept to one side has also increasingly become popular as well, along with of course being versatile and easy to do for moms, kids, teens, weddings, galas or special occasions who would want a easy hairstyle that looks great, and looks like you actually spent allot of time styling!

If a flat iron isn’t for you, or you simply don’t own one, Don’t worry! A round brush and blow dryer can achieve the same look!

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  1. very beautiful lady, with fabulous hair.i love this women. keep it up

  2. I love this hairstyle. Wish I could get my hair done like this, but my mom said that I waited a long time to grow my hair back.

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