Beyonce’s long wavy hairstyle

Beyonce's long wavy hairstyle

Beyonce wearing a sexy long wavy hairstyle while attending a Samantha Thavasa event in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan

Hairstyle: Long, wavy an almost “beachy” look but very sexy

Color: Caramel, Ash brown, Chocolate/Caramel

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:
With just a round brush, a blow dryer and some great hair products this hairstyle too can be yours! I always say start with damp hair if possible, or spritz already dry hair if you don’t have time for a shower/hair wash. As you lightly wrap the hair around the brush and bl;ow dry make sure you do the front strands as so they are going away from the face! Hold wrapped hair in place for more than a few seconds (exercise caution as blow dryer heat does vary, My blow dryer will literally burn my hair and my scalp if I have it on high and too long in one section!) As you hold wrapped hair into place and blow dryer you are creating loose waves and curls. Also be careful with your wrapping as you can easily get your hair caught into a round brush making it a pain as you sit and pull your hair out piece by piece. When you have done your whole head of hair to your satisfaction, top it off with a light shine spray and a quality holding spray.

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  1. its really nice i like it beyonce is a amzing person and talented im so happy for her and jay z .beyonce is kind she is my romodel i look up to her one day i wanna be lust like her
    thank you beyonce

    joyce davis 17 yrs old

  2. I agree with you. Beyonce is such a kind person.

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