Catherine Zeta Jones long layered hairstyle

Catherine Zeta Jones is wearing a long layered hairstyle with curls while attending the Kirk Douglas One Man Show “Before I Forget “

Hairstyle: long layered hairstyle with large soft curls and waves.

Color: Dark Brunette, Similar colors to achieve: Dark Ash brown, Ash brown, Almost Black

When to wear this celebrity hairstyle and how to achieve it!
This hairstyle can be very versatile, long sexy layers and soft supple curls and waves are what make this celebrity hairstyle top notch. Long hairstyles like this can work well with everything from dresses and gowns to jeans and skirts. Overall the hairstyle gives off a very romantic and sexy feel, works well with any face shape, skin tone and features. Catherine Zeta Jones long layered hairstyle can be easily achieved by using, rollers for more defined curls, or by using the round brush/blow dryer method which adds more body and wave to the hairstyle. Use volume building products, and quality holding sprays to keep hair in place.Also spraying a small amount of setting lotion on locks before rolling work very well with these hairstyles to add more body and fullness. Layers are also key for this hairstyle, layering the hair can add much needed texture and body and work well with hairstyles that include waves and curls.

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  1. Very pretty, but when is she not?

  2. Lovely Lady and Lovely long hair.

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