Catherine Zeta Jones sexy long hairstyle with curls

Catherine Zeta-Jones is wearing her hair in a sexy long hairstyle with round loose thick curls while at the 20th Annual Producers Guild Awards, held at the Hollywood Palladium in California.

I love this hairstyle on Catherine Zeta Jones its simple but very sexy and works well with her face shape! Her hair color is also something to really look at it is solid, and looks very healthy!

Long hair style is hotter and more popular than ever.
People that are lucky enough to have long hair are always looking for new and interesting ways to wear their hair. People who can’t grow their own long tresses are opting for add-on hair and extensions. The long layered hairstyles can be achieved with minor differences in the knocks. Both the hairstyles give cute as well as elegant look for any special occasion. A easy way to updo the long hairstyle is a simple pony tail with a French twist. This hairstyle gives a classic and exotic look that can be achieved in just a few seconds.

Curled – Curl it then put it in a lose bun using a pony tail holder or if u have the time put it up using bobby pins or barrettes. After you get out of the shower let it dry until its damp and get allot of hair gel(considering your hair is so long) and put it on your hands and comb it through your hair using you fingers then when there is hair gel evenly through all your hair then crimp it by wadding parts up it in your hands and it will give it a cute but simple wavy look

Crimped hairstyles

Half-up Half-down hairstyles

Bun hairstyles

Messy Bun hairstyles

Pony Tail hairstyles

Messy Pony tail hairstyles

If you have long hair but it is on the thin side, use less ponytails and smaller braids. You can also braid all the way to the end of the strand or leave some hair to fly free.

It is very important what you eat, as it truly does affect your hair. Hair is made up of ninety percent a-keratin protein and ten percent water. For this reason avoid crash diets or low protein diets. Long hair is fragile and needs intensive conditioning and caring. The length should be trimmed regularly and the hair brushed each day using a pure, bristle brush. The bristles literally polish the hair gently spreading the natural oils from roots to ends. Combs should he wide toothed, smooth ended and of a high quality.

There a classic look for long-haired women that has been around for centuries – literally. Not only is it attractive, but it’s functional. Yet it doesn’t have a name, per se but can be described as a half up half down hairstyle, just a description: pulled back at the temples. A young girl or woman with long flowing locks has taken a slim lock of hair from the area of her temples and pulled them back and bound them together behind her head.

If you have relatively thick long hair you can modify the multi-pony by adding more than 3 separate sections. Experiment with as many ponytails as you like. While the look certainly is more contemporary than professional, you love the new style.

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  1. I love Catherine Zeta Jones, she always has some amazing style and great hair

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