Donielle Artese long curly hairstyle

Donielle Artese is sporting a long curly hairstyle while attending the World Premiere of Columbia Pictures’ “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan”.

Donielle Artese long curly hairstyle

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  1. I LOVE her hair! She’s one of Ken Paves’ hair models and also used to be a dancer, right? Very pretty!

  2. Hi Kelly, yes – - she’s the one. She’s not only a dancer, but has choreographed for many of the “greats” as well. Now she’s really focused her attention on acting, and yes, she and her hair VERY pretty – - and it’s all her own; grown, not purchased (smile) – - I’m biased, I’m her “baby” cousin!

  3. Where do these trolling folks come from? Tell me why might you suggest something like this?

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