Jennifer Lopez’s long hairstyle with bangs

Jennifer Lopez is wearing her hair in a chic long hairstyle with bangs as she makes an appearance at Samantha Thavasa shop in Marui City in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Hairstyle: Long with bangs, and razoring cuts

Color: This particular hairstyle is a tad tricky, as slightly lighter or darker shades can even put this in the light auburn category of colors. Similar colors to achieve: Caramel, light auburn, golden toasted auburn, copper, dark strawberry blonde.

When to wear this celebrity hairstyle:
A very chic and sophisticated hairstyle, Jennifer Lopez really knows how to rock it. This hairstyle is great with a chic pair of jeans and you may even be able to push the envelope a tad and pair this hairstyle with a gown, black, white and silvers are recommended.

Tips to achieve this celebrity hairstyle:
Razored cuts, you can get this texture cut easily anywhere, beck to have cuts like this to frame the face. Shine Serum, and a ceramic plated flat iron are key in achieving this hairstyle. You can also try a brush/blow dryer method after washing and towel drying your hair, this is also a nice method to straighten or give any large wave or even curls to a hairstyle. If you would rather skip the long process of drying your hair, and want to style while your hair is dry, flat irons are the way to go! You can find Flat Iron’s available at any beauty supply store, even stores such as Walgreen’s, Wal Mart and CVS.

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  1. she looks amazing…i really like her hairstyle!!

  2. i love her hair … im thinking of getting a fringe but im not sure yet? do u think i should please comment even tho u dont no wat i look like….im blonde hazel eyes if that helps xoxox

  3. yesssss deff get a fringe :) it will look good u sound so pretty. xoxoxoxo sharnia

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