Kate Hudson’s sexy blonde wavy hairstyle

Kate Hudson’s sexy blonde wavy hairstyle

Kate Hudson is wearing her gorgeous long blonde locks in a sexy simple long wavy hairstyle while attending the  ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’ premiere at the Archlight Theatre, Hollywood, California.

Long hairstyles are sexy, romantic, elegant and sometimes if not done right messy! Long hairstyles represent beauty, style, grace, romance and sex appeal. Long hairstyles are normally very high maintenance paying careful attention to wash, grooming and overall style. Long hair can be fashioned into many different hairstyles like updo hairstyles, ponytail hairstyles, half up – half down hairstyles, and can be made tight, loose, straight, wavy and even curly. Longer hairstyles are generally much more maintenance. Some great long hair, long hairstyling and long hairstyle tips are – Never use a hair brush with hard bulbs at the end as they can rip out delicate strands. – Make sure you keep all damaged ends completely trimmed off. You can’t grow healthy long hair on top of split, or damaged strands. Eating right and taking vitamins also help nurture long strands. – Any long hair texture from straight to naturally wavy will develop lush beautiful waves if braided into three-strand braids while hair is still damp and allowed to completely air dry. – Never use rubber bands on your hair. The bands will rip, tear and tangle delicate hair. – Only use bobby pins with coated or covered ends to avoid scratching scalp or ripping out long strands. – Braid scarves, ribbons or even strands of beads into your tresses to create new looks. Remember no matter your age, long hair is beautiful and timeless. Wear it proud, keep it beautiful and enjoy it. For long hairstyle ideas visit our Top 10 Long Hairstyles, and our Long Hairstyles section here on Celeb Salon.

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