Kate Hudson’s sexy low braided hairstyle

Kate Hudson is wearing her hair in a loose sexy low braided hairstyle while attending the NYC premiere of her newest film “Bride Wars”.

One thing I love about this hairstyle is its versatility. She paired this hairstyle with a long gorgeous gown and well if it looks that good with a gown it can certainly look good with anything!. The thick front tendrils are loosely curled and left to frame her face which helps show off her gorgeous eyes. The rest of her hair is then fashioned loosely into a very loose ponytail braid in the back. This hairstyle is simple but sexy and can work for any occasion such as galas, weddings, proms, out with friends or even just casually while out and about for a simple sexy hairstyle!.

From the back you can see exactly how simply it was done with both views and should be very easy to accomplish on your own!

Similar Hair Colors to achieve – Golden Blonde, Butterscotch, and Pale Golden Blonde

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  1. she’s pretty but needs to work on her hair

  2. Did she use a hairdresser for this
    messy comb-out….looks like shit.

  3. Nothing special! Very simple hair style, easy to make but though looks nice.

  4. simple but pretty. love it

  5. It is supposed to look messy and unproffesional, it brings out her natural side, I love it

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