Kate Middleton’s brunette, wavy hairstyle

Newly engaged to Prince William, Kate Middleton dazzled with her sparkling engagement ring and her flowing, brunette mane during a press appearance at St. James Palace in London. Kate Middleton showed off her long locks styled with bouncy waves at the ends which were enhanced by her soft layers.

Kate Middleton’s blue dress complemented her glossy, brunette hairstyle.

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  1. Kate Middleton, hairstyle can be suitable for those who have long hair and also stylish and looking something different one.

  2. i just want to make hairstyle like Kate Middleton,its looks great.

  3. This hairstyle suits Kate very well.. It matches the color of her eyes..

  4. This hairstyle of Kate Middleton just goes with her personality and I really like her dressing sense.

  5. Kate Middleton looks like a true blue-blooded royal with her new hairstyle. I am waiting for the day when she will be a style icon like Princess Diana

  6. Rubbish, her hair is not wavy, it’s just been styled. On another note long hair like hers is not suitable for princesses: it’s too bourgeois. Try find a princess who wears her hair like that apart from Andrew’s little monsters.

  7. Toti, I disagree that Kate’s hair is “bourgeois.” It’s length is age-appropriate and modern. Perhaps you didn’t realized that the days of women over 20 having to wear their hair up in public have been over for decades. Would you have women wearing knee-length skirts, pearls, and heels as they prepare dinner, as well?

  8. No matter what you might say against royalty itself, Prince William and new bride Kate Middleton are beyond any doubt nice people – as a helicopter pilot he was involved in two mountain rescues just this week! Good for him!

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